Obligatory introduction

So, why should I, who already has way too much to do, bother to start my own weblog? Like Everest, because it’s there! I maintain three websites in one way or another, and am support staff on another. None of them really allow me to vent my opinions, frustrations, rants, whatever. Now that the internet allows everyone to be their own publisher, I thought it was time to join in on the fun.

So, what do I do? Who am I? I wonder myself sometimes … I have taught high school physics at St. Francis High School in Louisville, Kentucky, for more than 20 years. (I still retain some fragments of sanity, thank you.) In 2000, I spent a year teaching at Pretoria Boys High School in South Africa on a Fulbright Teacher Exchange. I have also been called upon to teach math.

Aside from my teaching duties, I am the technology coordinator for the school. That title translates into “network administrator + webmaster + computer repairman + help desk + security expert + Exchange administrator + infrastructure guru.” Yes, I am a one-man shop — pretty typical for a small private school. I was one of the go-to guys for the technology aspects of the school’s renovation in 2002-03.

More school stuff : Two years ago, St. Francis decided it needed a start a summer program. We all agreed it was a good idea. No one stepped forth to direct said nascent program. Guess who volunteered? Well, I needed the extra money, and someonehad to do it.

Aside from all that, I am almost 50, married with two teenaged children, and two older stepsons. I hail from Long Island, have lived in New Jersey, Chicago, and Wyoming, but have been a Kentucky resident since 1980.

As for the websites, they are:

  • the school’s website (I don’t do the graphics design, someone better at it than I does that): www.sfhs.us
  • the school’s php-nuke portal (my own crackbrained idea): The Wyvern Portal
  • the school’s Edline portal
  • my own e-commerce/helpline site, which I don’t spend enough time managing
  • our new business enterprise (not much to manage there, really)
  • and finally, I am on the support staff of Nukecops, a phpNuke support site.

So, I add something else to do to the list. I think it’ll be fun. Hope you agree that it’s worth my time.

John Wheaton

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