GPS-enable your child

I guess since moms don’t really have eyes in the backs of their heads (pending genetic engineering breakthroughs), technology had to come to their rescue. There is now a wristwatch-sized cellphone with builtin Global Positioning System (GPS). Parents can now locate their children within 100 m (300 feet) of their actual location — still a pretty large territory (the local mall, for example), but better than searching an entire neighborhood. The phone includes speed dials for “Mom,” “Dad,” “911,” and 5 others, and comes in a reusuable lunchbox package.

The idea is actually not all that new; cellphones sold in the US now have to be GPS-enabled so emergency officers can locate the owner. What’s new is the packaging and the ease-of-use for the average mom or dad. It would probably allay some parents’ fears that their children may turn up missing or lost, although children have been known to misplace their cellphones, among other items.

Maybe it’s just me, but the technology also adds a little “Big Brother” paranoia to the whole parent-child relationship. Some parents may go a little overboard tracking their kids (like the dad on the latest cellphone commercials). I also wonder whether other parties might hack the system to track kids, too. Or am I getting a little paranoid?

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