And speaking of Tom Cruise … 1

who really is NOT a scientist, his success in pulling the latest South Parkepisode off the air just drove the ep onto the internet. Strangely, no one in the South Park production crew seems too upset by the copyright infringement.

The episode not only pokes fun at Tom’s chosen religion, Scientology, but also cracks a joke about his animated self “coming out of the closet.” The real Tom threw a fit and threatened to sue. Comedy Central pulled the episode from distribution. Resourceful fans, however, immediately posted the episode on the internet. Tom’s going to have a tough time tracking all those links down.

At the risk of bringing the wrath of Tom and the “Church” of Scientology down on me, as a public service, here’s a link to the controversial episode.

And links to South Park DVDs (hover over the images for the titles):
South Park - The Complete First Five Seasons  South Park - The Complete Sixth Season  South Park:Complete Seventh Season

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One comment on “And speaking of Tom Cruise …

  1. Reply Darcy Jan 23,2006 9:38 pm

    Mr Cruise really doesn’t like having the world poke fun at him, eh? 😀 He ought to expect it tho…I mean, c’mon. A famous actor…dating a youngin’…with strange claims. Get over it, Cruise.

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