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Stan Deyo is one of those self-promoting “psychics” who claims, in his case, to be able to predict earthquakes days in advance. Deyo says his system of monitoring global ocean temperatures permits him to forecast when and where earthquakes are likely to hit about 75% of the time. Me, I’m doubtful, since geologists are lucky if they get an inkling just hours in advance.

Deyo made this prediction on his site last week:

February 3, 2006
By Stan Deyo

San Francisco is the hot spot of today’s forecast. There is a STRONG signal between Mendocino and San Francisco along the San Andreas Fault. The signal shows the stress is from the Pioneer Fault Zone just below the Mendocino Fault Zone. People in the immediate area of this location should prepare to leave their homes should a major quake strike SF in the next 5 days…. possibly even tonight.

Well, it’s been six days and, unless I’ve missed the news, the Bay Area seems OK. In fact, I wonder if anyone has independently verified his success rate. There are a lot of people who seem to think he’s the shiznit when it comes to earthquake forecasting.

To be fair, Deyo does not claim infallibility. He includes this disclaimer after his forecasts:

Disclaimer: Some of the forecast stress areas can be in error up to 30% due to cloud cover variations and false signals from buoys.

With that in mind, he could have missed the SF quake by 1.5 days either way. I may be premature then in discounting his abilities, but I’m not too worried.

Deyo does not apparently attempt to make money off his predictions; he offers them as a public service. He publishes books, makes appearances at fringe-science/doomsday/UFO/end times conferences and gives radio interviews, so the earthquake forecasting is just a sideline. He’s a real end-times kind of guy, and his wife, Holly, seems to be some kind of emergency preparedness expert/marketer, so the earthquake gig must bolster the family business some.

Deyo has a pretty sizeable following, and I expect his fans in the Bay Area got out of town in a hurry, which worries me. Someone with confidence in his system should be willing to have an independent observer measure his success rate, though. It’s reckless to tell people to move out in a hurry when there is such a large margin of error. No one panicked that I know of, but in these days of constant nagging fear, Deyo should be more circumspect.

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  1. Reply Kevin Long Feb 25,2006 10:26 pm

    Thank you for raising the warning flags regarding Mr Deyo.
    He appeared on my radar screen a couple of years ago as a guest on Radio Liberty, Talking about remote viewing and anti-gravatational machines.
    I’ve heard him recently on different shows.
    His story bears some investigation, he reports he was sent to Australia more than 30 years ago to work for Teller. They had a falling out and were out to kill him but he escaped to wander the out back for some time. Then after elluding his killers for 30 years he comes back to America, no problem.
    He seems to be a teller of tall tails.
    I would like to see his chronology of where he lived and worked.
    any exposes written about him?

  2. Reply eljefe Feb 26,2006 11:59 am

    The only information I can find online about Deyo is what he has on his own website. All other websites just parrot what he has there. I have not been able to find any independent confirmation of any of the biographical stuff, but I haven’t tried really hard.

    Deyo says he was born in Texas, the son of a WWII USAF officer, about 60+ years ago. He grew up in Dallas, graduated high school at 16, got an engineering scholarship to UT and an appointment to the Air Force Academy. These facts could be verified relatively easily with public records.

    Now here his life history gets dodgy. From what I can gather, Deyo left the Academy before graduation — he says he left to avoid government “mind control” experiments. He went to work for IBM, working as programmer. Then, in 1971, as he tells it, he left for Australia, somehow working there for Edward Teller (who was still in the States) on a secret project. That part would be hard to confirm.

    Deyo is at once a born-again Christian, a ufologist, a fringe science inventor, a programming expert, a Bible scholar, a Hopi “chosen one,” an earthquake scientist — the list goes on. None of his followers seem inclined to confirm one iota of what he claims he is or can do. His life story stretches the limits of self-consistency, IMHO.

    The earthquake predictions are the easiest matters to refute, yet his predictions are considered to be remarkably accurate. He has had some “hits,” but the law of averages means he is bound to make one correct prediction at some time.

    Let me know if you manage to find anything. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Reply Philip Ross Oct 25,2008 1:46 am

    I came across Stan Deyo when a friend who is a conservative, Pentecostal Christian, tried to tell me that Einstein’s theories of relativity had been proven wrong. I asked him for the reference and he handed me a book called “The Cosmic Conspiracy.”

    I have degrees in engineering, law and arts. I practise as a lawyer, mainly in litigation, and I am well accustomed to rigorous technical analysis, both in civil litigation and in a research project in which I was involved several years ago. My first impression of the book was that nobody would take it seriously. It is poorly written, disjoint, made many extravagant claims on an unsatisfactory evidential basis and published what purported to be a set of equations which “proved” Einstein had made an error. I do not recall the precise details and I have long since thrown the book into the rubbish, but as I recall Deyo made a fairly obvious mistake by trying to equate a Newtonian formula with a relativistic one. As Newtonian mechanics is merely an approximation of relativity in circumstances where relativistic effects are minimal, it is hardly surprising that he found inconsistency.

    I did find it odd that anyone would take this nonsense seriously and I wondered about his background. Not particularly surprising was the dearth of detail about his background and qualifications in the book. There was reference to involvement in secret projects, but no detail, and of course such claims are easily made but impossible to prove or disprove. Most significantly there were no records of qualifications from any recognised university or research institute and nothing I saw that suggested that he was qualified in any field.

    I knew nothing of his supposed status as an “expert” on earthquake prediction until I stumbled across this website but I think he can safely be regarded as a charlatan. If there were a correlation between ocean surface temperature and earthquake incidence one might imagine that the records of recent earthquakes in coastal areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kobe (Japan), Indonesia and in other countries (including my own country, New Zealand) could be correlated. I am not aware that anyone has established a statistically significant link and I cannot see any scientific justification for supposing that one exists.

  4. Reply wheatdogg Oct 25,2008 4:03 am

    Banking on his supposed Christian roots, Deyo gets a lot of traction in the Pentecostal world, which is rife with people with a built-in mistrust of mainstream science. (Y’know, that whole evolution thing…) Deyo is very careful to avoid mentioning his New Age-y connections when pitching books to Christians, and vice versa. His predictions of doom and gloom in the coming years plays right into their belief in the Second Coming and Armageddon. Everyone involved seems to have forgotten their predictions of that event happening in 2000.

    He gets a lot of airtime on late-night radio programs that also manage to mix anti-intellectual Christianity with all kinds of fringe topics like UFOs, Bigfoot sightings, Area 51, and so on.

    There’s no question Deyo is a fraud whose only real talent is to sell enough books and make enough personal appearances to pay the rent. He knows his audience.

    If he in fact did study engineering in college, he would have to some passing familiarity with Newtonian mechanics. Engineers so far have no need to learn relavistic mechanics, so I doubt Deyo knows squat about special relativity or general relativity. Telling your Christian friend all these details will doubtless make no impression on his opinion of Deyo, however. People who accept fringe science also accept the notion that “mainstream science” deliberately tries to discredit people like Deyo, because “mainstream scientists” do not want to admit they are wrong.

    I feel your pain.

  5. Reply Randy R Feb 2,2009 6:08 am

    One piece of data that I can add to Stan Deyo’s history is that Harold Stanley Deyo, Jr. attended the Air Force Academy from 24 June 1963 until he left on 6 January 1964 (per Department of the Air Force records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act). To my knowledge, obtaining a Congressional Appointment to a US military academy is not difficult for someone with reasonable grades in high school and no criminal record.

    I have also spent some time trying to understand Mr. Deyo’s earthquake prediction methodology. The descriptions of how he makes predictions can be found at:

    However, I could not find examples of actual earthquakes that were predicted. Confirming his claims of high correlation between his predictions and actual earthquakes appears to be “left as an exercise for the student.” Also, his hypothesis that the mechanism for the color patterns may be the result of piezoelectric charges, the Peltier Effect, or Thompson Effect makes absolutely no sense to me.

    Also, Kevin Long (above) states that Mr. Deyo claims to have worked for Teller in Australia. I have no idea if Stan Deyo said that explicitly, but the bio on his web site states, “He was part of an exclusive “black project”, headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of ‘flying saucer technology’”. Assuming there was such a project, this statement could be true if Mr. Deyo’s contribution was sweeping the hallways or fetching coffee.

    The bottom line is that I have yet to read anything that Stan Deyo has written that appears credible to me. My caution to those fascinated by Mr. Deyo’s rhetoric is that if you do not understand the technical terms that he uses, do not assume that he is using them correctly.

  6. Reply eljefe Feb 3,2009 3:33 am

    Getting an appointment to the Academy is not all that easy. From Wikipedia:

    In addition to the normal application process, all candidates must secure a nomination to the Academy, normally from a U.S. Senator or U.S. Representative. Each member of Congress and the Vice President can have five appointees attending the Air Force Academy at any time. The process for obtaining a congressional nomination is not political and candidates do not have to know their senator or representative to secure a nomination. Additional nomination slots are available for children of career military personnel, children of disabled veterans or veterans who were killed in action, or children of Medal of Honor recipients. The admissions process is a lengthy one and applicants usually begin the paperwork during the second semester of their junior year of high school.

    So if Deyo’s dad was in the service, he might have had a slight advantage, but it is not a breeze to be accepted to any service academies.

    Staying in one is another matter entirely. Spending six months at Colorado Springs is really nothing to brag about. Deyo says he left to avoid “mind control experiments,” but the reality might be less exciting: poor grades, disciplinary problems, inability to adjust to a regimented military lifestyle. It’s a tough life, and not all first-years are up to the challenge.

    The stuff about Australia would be harder to track down. Considering how well Deyo can spin a yarn, he could have attended a lecture by Teller there and embellished the event to say he was a colleague of Teller’s. (Teller — the inspiration for Dr. Strangelove — is a scary character in and of himself …)

    I appreciate all the comments here. I have not been being much attention to Deyo since I moved to China last August. His “fame” has not yet spread to the Middle Kingdom. If he had predicted the Sichuan earthquake of 2008, he would now be a national hero. Too bad he missed that chance.

  7. Reply Nowell Didear Feb 3,2009 12:27 am

    For whatever it’s worth, I was a friend of Deyo’s in high school and can at least vouch for the facts that a) he IS from Texas originally, b) he was born around 1945 or thereabouts, c) his father had been in the military at one time, and probably USAF (I don’t recall which branch for sure), d) he did attend the Air Force Academy for awhile, and e) he was in Australia at least during the early- to mid-80s. I’m not interested in being part of a Stan Deyo controversy either way, but I don’t think there’s any room for doubt on at least those points.

  8. Reply Nowell Didear Feb 3,2009 4:28 pm

    My copy of The Cosmic Conspiracy (published 1982 or so) gives Stan’s version of what happened at the AF Academy. I don’t know whether current editions include that.

  9. Reply David Feb 22,2009 4:56 pm

    Now I am not a follower of Stan Deyo, but after coming across this page and reading it in its entirety this Deyo character piqued my interest. I read through his website thoroughly and I do not see here he is making any prophetic earthquake announcements but instead making his best guess based on data that he is collecting. If it is wrong, so be it.

    I would assume that most of the regular posters on this site are intellectual and for the most part intelligent human beings. It makes me wonder why you would bother taking umbrage at him at all? He is quirky, and definitely out of the mainstream. Is it that you are worried about his “science” and that he is leading many down a primrose path? or is it that mixes religion with science? or is it that he gets more attention? Actually his site has many informative reading areas especially in the area of preparedness. I was just curious. Thanks

  10. Reply eljefe Apr 14,2009 6:51 pm

    sz —
    If Deyo had a scientific theory, it would be supported by lots of evidence from careful experiments designed to test his hypotheses. As it is, just about all of Deyo’s assertions are just that; they’re his speculations that X is true (replace X with a Deyoism). For example, his suggestion that surface temperature predicts earthquakes is a testable hypothesis, but I doubt anyone has really put it to a rigorous test.

    “Out of contact with reality?” Yeah, I would agree with that. As David points out just above you, Deyo’s site is not all nuttiness — his preparedness pages are reasonable and the earthquake maps are quasi-scientific — but the rest of the stuff is standard paranoid wacko beliefs. No wonder he appears on Coast to Coast AM so often. He covers everything: UFOs, government cover-ups, alternative religion/New Age beliefs, fringe science … it’s a long list. His dispassionate delivery could either result from some kind of mental issue or his own disbelief in what he’s saying. It’s that dispassion and the “sane” stuff on his website and books that makes him dangerous. Some people might even believe him!

  11. Reply sz Apr 14,2009 5:25 pm

    I just started researching a bit on this guy, deyo, I saw a video conference/documentary of his and I was curious what’s the deal with all this. deyo seems to me, without actually knowing much about the guy, just by looking at his speech, he seems strange and out of contact with reality… he talks about things that are absolutely extraordinary with such detachment like he’d be telling us known facts of everyday life. it doesn’t seem scientific, nor believable. He talks like a priest, with high confidence that what he sais is the ultimate truth (despite the fact that his ‘science’ is experimental, if at all ‘science’). He wrote a book that, judging from the reviews, has more to do with SF/Erich Von Daeniken rather than science… so now I wonder, besides all this, has he actually created something real to back up his claims? any results? or just theory…

  12. Reply Robert Cottrell Dec 2,2009 3:07 am

    I can certainly clarify one important issue concerning Stan Deyo.
    I was close to him when he was writing “Cosmic Conspiracy”.
    He certainly became a true Christian about the time I knew him.
    I was the one who baptised both Stan and his new wife Holly in the Swan River
    in Perth following his open confession of his faith in Jesus Christ.
    He also met with us at the home Church at 10 Perth Street, Bedford Park, W.A.
    and spoke to the large group of young believers at that time, among other things.

  13. Reply eljefe Dec 16,2009 4:13 am

    Trish & Robert —

    I don’t know if you are each referring to some private emails between you or not. If you are, you can keep those discussions off this site. If you are not, then perhaps, Robert, you are mistaking email notifications from this site about new comments for messages from Trish to you.

    Trish —

    I don’t write for Google. Google is a search engine that captures websites for people to find, as you have apparently done. Furthermore, one does need to personally know someone to criticize him or his opinions/pronouncements/statements. After all, you don’t know me at all. Should I suggest to you that you walk a mile in my shoes before you call me to task for criticizing Deyo?

    You are entitled to believe what you like about Deyo’s predictions, but I would suggest that the vast majority have not come to pass. I have heard nothing about aliens from the Vatican or Obama, not do I expect to in the near future. The fact that Deyo has been on TV (or radio) does not give him any special authority.

    Robert —

    I don’t doubt Deyo’s faith at the time you met him. I just wonder whether he couches his messages carefully to specific audiences (Christian, New Age, UFOlogist, etc.) to maximize his sales.

    You were under surveillance? By whom?

  14. Reply Trish Dec 15,2009 7:31 pm

    I would like to see you walk a mile in Stan Deyo’s shoes before you judge him!?
    I would also like for you to watch the TV shows he made here in Australia in the 70’s!
    I would also like for you to talk to Stan Deyo yourself!
    Above all I would like you to take your blinkers off & look around the World & see what is happening around YOU!
    As: All these things were told to people many years ago, before they did indeed happen..
    I think you are the one that needs to be checked to say you are SANE when you don’t see or give Stan Deyo the chance to defend himself here & you are judging a man you do not even know!
    I suggest you call or debate with Stan, he will indeed give you some true food for thought instead of the rubbish you have wrote about him on Google.
    If you believe his book is worthless BUY one & TRULY read it( oh, & also check on this site what people are paying for HIS BOOK second hand!
    People please read Stan’s site before you believe this rubbish!
    Stan Deyo did 4 TV shows in Australia & many lectures, he was here for 30 years! & believe ME he had/has “PROOF” to back what he said UP!
    As for Aliens: Check what the “Vatican” has said & what OBAMA is going to announce!go to “Google”, you are very handy with it as it appears!?
    From The Land Down Under!

  15. Reply Robert Cottrell Dec 15,2009 11:36 pm

    I am in the land down under to and you would not have sent me this email if you had read my email which is the last one before you wrote this.

    I have been aware of all these things for the last 60 years. Stan was my guest in my home in Perth many years ago. Also if you read my email, I was one of the persons who was with him when he wrote his first book in australia. Also, we held public meetings together in Perth and were under surveillance even at that time. Never have I spoken on derogatory word concerning Stan. Robert

    Please read my article under my name?

  16. Reply Robert Cottrell Dec 16,2009 4:28 am

    No private emails from or to me.
    We were under the surveillance of the CIA at the meetings.
    Stan’s speaking was an opening for me to proclaim the gospel.

  17. Reply Trish Dec 16,2009 8:06 pm

    My Comment was not aimed at Robert,It was indeed to the people that have NOT contacted or given Stan Deyo a chance,to me it is much the same as putting rubbish on all “Scientists” that even in the past were ridiculed when they said the Earth is not flat!
    My sincere apologies to you Robert.
    We know Stan Deyo is a very brilliant man.

    I would simply like eljefe to at least debate or talk to the Author Stan Deyo before writing these things on the net.
    eljefe: Stan Deyo, does not make a heap of money from his books!
    Stan is trying simply to tell people like you the truth & to tell people like you what is happening in this world.
    There are many “brilliant” minds that have been mocked right through History, now Stan Deyo ?
    Please give him that chance,is all I ask.
    Stan is not dismayed by their opinions; but is sad that he has not been able to convey his information and research to them in a manner they would accept in their paradigms.
    Thank you from:
    The Land Downunder

  18. Reply eljefe Dec 21,2009 8:01 am

    First of all, it is not necessary to invite each and every person you criticize to a personal one-on-one debate. One can criticize a person’s ideas, even mock them, without their personal involvement. Once someone puts his or her ideas out to the public, he or she should expect criticism. I am not the only person who has suggested Deyo is wrong, and I doubt Deyo himself has enough time or energy to tackle us all one by one. Requiring critics to talk personally to Deyo (and others) is simply not realistic.

    Maybe Deyo does not make much money from his books, but he does make personal appearances and give lectures. I would assume he gets paid for those gigs.

    As for his brilliance, or lack thereof, I cannot judge. I only have his predictions and published theories to base my opinions on. Despite your faith in Deyo’s acumen, he has been wrong more often than right, and even his predictions have been worded sufficiently vaguely to virtually assure vindication.

    I, for example, can predict with reasonable confidence that there will be a major earthquake in Asia sometime next year. Why? Because there is at least one earthquake every year there. How major is “major?” Well, I don’t know. Where will it be exactly? Well, I don’t know. But after the fact, I can say (as a lot of “psychics” do), “Look, an earthquake happened, just like I said!”

    Finally, mocking someone’s ideas, or predictions is not the same thing as mocking the person making them. Deyo may be a very nice fellow, but he can still be wrong.

  19. Reply Jungle Dec 21,2009 11:51 pm

    I’m a construction worker & yes, in the land down under too.
    eljefe, thanks ‘for writing these things on the net’. To establish truth you need as many sides as possible.
    Robert, oops! I had the ‘Cosmic Conspiracy’ 30yrs ago (long since gone) I think the publish date was 1978 maybe 1979 anyrate Stan was married to Louise (backcover photo) not Holly, Louise help Stan with the following book ‘Vindicating Scrolls’ up to 1990, Holly came into the picture around 1990.
    Trish, you come across as playing tootsies with Robert, reason, to bag eljefe & indeed to the people.
    Stan, thankyou for introducing me to Nikola Tesla marvelous, you can see the many conspiracies that existed before & after his ‘illegal’ wireless power transmission to the Nth Pole hitting Tungasky? Siberia, eyewitnesses saw it from England lasting 8hrs or more. The FBI was established one month after that event, this does, Suggests the Atom Bomb is a hoax, though you (or possible your link goes on about the existance of Nuclear tunnelling machines. Recently looked up the very words Atom Bomb Hoax on the Internet Explorer & someone had made a site & gathered alot of interesting points, though knocking the entire Jewish people this yells nutta. The fringe of anything is worthy of existing on the net.

  20. Reply eljefe Dec 22,2009 5:37 am

    Jungle —

    Take a deep breath in, exhale slowly. Do it three more times. Calm down, then write something with complete sentences that at least tries to make sense.

    The atom bomb a hoax? Right. Tell the Japanese that sometime.

  21. Reply Trish Dec 22,2009 10:02 am

    Hi eljefe & All 🙂
    This is my last comment: Have a Happy Christmas everyone & Pray for the future of our planet:
    eljefe: Thank you!now you are stating the truth!I agree with you about the bomb etc. Sorry “Jungle”,I do not know Robert,however, I would like to!
    Everything back in the 70’s; everything Stan Deyo said has happened, at that time he said”We would have computers in our homes & plastic money!& much more, all is here & even more: Stan Deyo “hit the Nail right on the head!” 😉
    “Jungle”..In reference to your point regarding “Tesla”, if you went to Stan’s Lecture in OZ,you would know he has & had at the time the info being released in this link:
    (refresh, if it doesn’t load.
    This man has plenty on YouTube:
    You too eljefe will find this informative.
    These are things Stan Deyo has referred to in the past, including a One World Government, that we are all being deceived by, in this:
    British admit: Copenhagen intends genocide, World Government.
    Alan Jones talks to Lord Monckton, British climate change sceptic, who says the Copenhagen treaty is about creating a world government
    Please look into some of these on YouTube
    We also “know” there is UFO technology & Aliens:
    Also on Radio in Australia,the Vatican has said: We can expect to be in Contact with them in the near future (shudder)
    search Google re: Vatican & Aliens.
    Civil unrest will be the result of this:
    “Is Obama Really Preparing for Civil War?
    Washington Politicians and Bureaucrats Are Paranoid People”
    Thankyou from Downunder 😉

  22. Reply Steve Jan 15,2010 12:25 pm

    Would just like to say being a qualified electrical engineer and after watching the video of Stan talking, and reading a reply he sent to someone asking about his work I find him very interesting.

    The stuff he talks about that goes above my head is the larger scale gravity energy effects of the earth etc. But the basic electrical equipment he uses and how he describes it is well within the realms of reason and possibility. I have to say from my own mainstream engineering experience from lecturers etc. there is alot of “thats not of interest and thats just how it is”, some very closed minded people teach electrical/technical engineering. It’s almost like if you ask a question they don’t have the answer to they feel threatned so they use their knowledge to give a clever answer and make you look thick, and the whole class will usually take what the teacher says as law of course! This is because most people are sheep, nice and status quo. abc 1+1=2 have kids grow old die is all they want. They don’t want to know about “other” things. I think you are either a person that believes what the majority believes which is obviously most people, or you question what is said and shown to you. But regardless of anything else electromagnetism and magnetics is still magic as far as i’m concerned and I know how it works! it’s fun experimenting and learning with stuff like this hands on not just reading a wordy write up by some professor somewhere and taking it as gospel. And who knows even if what Stan says isn’t true it might lead someone else to achive it for real.


  23. Reply Robert Jan 15,2010 4:05 pm

    Trish just a few lines to clarify my relationship with Stan and his wife. First introduced to “The New World Order” back in 1960-61 by a very respected gentleman in Adelaide and having a deep hunger for the Word of God gave me the realization of the wonderful days in which we live. “The Last Days” of this age. Moving accross to Perth it was there that I came in contact with Stan, with his understanding of the NWO further confirming my own. Yes, I did baptise him and his wife at that time as it was at his request. Furthermore, why he did not go to one of the more popular preachers at that time rather than a small potato like me, I will never know!

  24. Reply Nowell Didear Jan 15,2010 4:34 pm

    I think Steve has a valid point. I told myself I wouldn’t get involved in this, but it’s like those New Year’s resolutions. . . .

    Personally, I put no credence in 80% of the things Stan says, as he knows, and sometimes I find his statements downright annoying. But the fact is that he does introduce all sorts of possibilities into the worlds of people who wouldn’t otherwise have them. We tend to dismiss people as “lunatic fringe” because their ideas are far out and improbable. But the solid, conservative, middle class, “scientific,” let’s-prove-it-all-in-a-lab guys–although they have legitimate functions and valuable contributions of their own–have a tendency to appropriate the entire universe as their exclusive domain. Magic and imagination has a place in the world too–or at least in SOME world–and from what little I have studied of electromagnetism, quantum physics, etc., I have to agree that’s all magic too.

    Has anyone seen the old George C. Scott / Shirley Maclaine movie called They Might Be Giants? Scott’s character is convinced that he’s Sherlock Holmes. He’s very charismatic and easily pulls others into his own magical universe. Maclaine is a shrink who is sent to return him to sanity, but she winds up finding that his world holds more appeal than the 9-to-5 reality she has previously inhabited. Good movie.

    So it makes no sense to me to worry about the faint possibility that one of Stan’s predictions might cause someone to do something stupid, by comparison to the outright certainty that remaining in the world of business-as-usual (ho-hum!) will kill their spirit. I don’t suggest that we ought to wave goodbye to “reality,” so called. On the other hand, anything that helps to loosen the hypnotic hold it has on us and on our awareness of possibilities may be spiritually therapeutic, at worst. We live in the Grand Therapeutic State, where shrinks and other medicos, psychologists and politicians have dedicated their efforts to creating a society of massively drugged, brain-dead and ultimately dependent, controllable zombies. Now THAT would be an appropriate target. Why waste your ammunition on a colorful guy whose real crime is just refusing to knuckle under?

  25. Reply muzza Jan 30,2010 8:40 pm

    Stan Deyo? Always wondered what happened to this chap. In the early 1980s he was running from one extreme religious group to another in Perth Western Australia making outlandish claims. He wrote a book about the Jupiter Effect and had all the nutter religious groups believing the world was going to end when the planets aligned with Jupiter. Nothing happened did it, but I don’t see any mention of when he gets it wrong big time on his website. His book had pictures of ham radio antennas around Perth and how these were really beacons and power grids for UFOs…..real nutter stuff. The born agains soaked it up. The day the CIA watch a church group in Perth WA is the day I go and buy myself a Rools Royce…it isn’t going to happen…just paranoid people who want to believe!

  26. Reply Shane of Sydney Mar 1,2010 6:41 am

    I have 2 theological issues with ET’s.

    1. Adam and Eve sinned in 5 minutes, so will Jesus planet hop and die for ET’s sins all over the cosmos?

    2. If 2 peter 3:10 is true, then this will be a bad hair day for aliens because of little ol earthlings.

  27. Reply Robert Cottrell Mar 5,2010 7:08 pm

    Nowell Didear I did enjoy reading your letter. Especially that (We live in the Grand Therapeutic State, where shrinks and other medicos, psychologists and POLITICIANS have dedicated their efforts to creating a society of massively drugged, brain-dead and ultimately dependent, controllable zombies).
    This is tragic but very true. I also like the way you speak here,(a colorful guy whose real crime is just refusing to knuckle under?.
    Thank God there are still some who refuse go along with the lies, deceipt and propaganda of those in control producing the zombies Nowell writes about!
    This brings up the letter which muzzo subscribed. I challenge MUZZO to buy himself a copy of the book, The Pilgrim Church, by E. H. Broadbent and then comment on all the paranoid people he talks about

  28. Reply Sane aussie Mar 16,2010 4:10 am

    I’m sitting in a second hand bookstore in Perth having googles deyo after thumbing through his provocative (yet insane) book. While it’s amusing that so many west Aussies ended up at this site; I wanted to reassure the international community that we are not all bat shit mad believers in this guy. Ty!

  29. Reply Nowell Didear Mar 17,2010 3:16 pm

    Which is not to say that Australia is devoid of madness that rivals our American versions. Trying to “stop” Stan Deyo is like going after an eccentric old lady with tanks and guns while terrorists are bombing your house and torturing your family. Here’s a case in point:

  30. Reply robert sommerville Apr 18,2010 10:19 pm

    Having read Stans books in the 80’s, (still got Cos. Con. and Vind. Scrolls, can anyone tell me what happened to his 1st wife Louise? Did they divorce? Is she still a believer?

  31. Reply perth boy Jul 11,2010 4:22 am

    another west aussie yo

  32. Reply Cathy C Jul 19,2010 4:40 pm

    I came here after seeing Stan Deyo in a 1977 Australian documentary on UFOs that was posted on “forgetomori”. I’m a Yank who searches for the tuth and wants to hear both sides of a story before deciding for herself. I really want to have concrete proof of what Stan did before coming to Australia. In the documentary he states he did work in the U.S. before fleeing to Australia to escape being sacked and threatened working for an antigravitic black op program in the U.S. Many others have made claims in the 8o’s and 90’s, only to be debunked later. True believer might state that the claimant was trashed by government forces, files and work histories hidden to make the claimant look like a liar. I don’t want drama, I want proof. Here’s a link to the video:

    The UFO/NWO topics were linked together way back then, as well as suppressed technology, black projects and man made UFOs. I wonder what Tesla would think?

  33. Reply Ted Jul 24,2010 9:52 pm

    In reply to Robert sommerville, I don’t know where Louis Deyo is,yes they divorced & Stan married a lady name Holly & went back to Colorado.

    I do know his children are somewhere in Australia?

    I find it hard to believe that no one watches the news?

    Things Stan Deyo has warned of are indeed & have indeed happened.

    Cathy C, I believe Tesla would have a lot to talk about with Stan Deyo, they would figure out even more together than either did alone.

    Buy his book, research, then comment on Stan Deyo..
    Go to his site.
    Stan Deyo reads from the Torah (Hebrew) so I doubt he trying to make anyone go to Church?

    He is a believer, so am I,
    As someone said, there’s going to be some very bad hair days ahead 😉

  34. Reply Ted Jul 24,2010 10:05 pm

    P.S. Did anyone notice at all..?
    When this debate started, Stan Deyo’s book was out of print for at least 3 YEARS!!!It was selling 2nd hand for over $400 USA..
    He has in past couple months made an updated version, last issue, due to the enormous amount being paid for his old one.

    So in reply to the “comment” he makes money from his book way back, he in fact wasn’t even selling it, he wasn’t even going to print it again, till all the signs were here.

    He published in other articles in Nexus Magazine also in Australia
    Buy one people & see The Truth for yoursef 😉

  35. Reply Ted Aug 21,2010 7:11 am

    From what I see, we are headed for a Holy War, depression, such truly dreadful times ahead..!

    I notice when, some “wheather REPORTER has the weather completely WRONG they are NOT ridiculed as Stan has been for a couple of very minor mistakes?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get real people, read his BOOK before you believe some of the dreadful comments made about “Stan Deyo” on here?
    Einstein, Tesla..did they NEED a college degree to get to be FAMOUS or eventually to be recognized for their findings or faith?

    The Catholic Church has killed many, that indeed already The Bible described their findings!~
    I suggest more “research & less “criticism”

  36. Reply eljefe Sep 6,2010 11:06 am

    Einstein did have a college degree, a doctorate from the University of Zurich, in fact. He also taught at several universities. Perhaps you are thinking of Edison, who never graduated high school. Tesla was well educated, but attended only one term at university. So you are right there.

    As for Deyo, he has made more than a few “minor mistakes.” His loyal followers, whom I assume include you, only focus on his few successes. If he were as reliable as you say, perhaps he would be more widely known around the world.

    Einstein and Tesla were recognized by the wider world because, well, they were right most of the time.

  37. Reply Robert Sep 13,2010 3:18 pm

    Could someone tell me what happened to his first wife please? She was called Louise and there was a picture of them together on the back of Cosmic Conspiracy.

  38. Reply robert Sep 17,2010 8:28 pm

    Having had a good relationship with the Deyo family so long ago, I also would be interested to know how is Louise faring these days. I knew the Deyo’s when Stan was writing Cosmic Conspiracy.

  39. Reply eljefe Oct 5,2010 12:44 am

    Deyo has this shtick about the government having some top-secret alien technology from a crashed UFO. Anti-gravity is supposed to be one of the reverse-engineered technologies. I’m not sure if he’s ever claimed to have a working model, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he suggested he did. I’ve also heard the terrorism excuse before from him. I don’t see the point in telling us there is such a tech, and he knows about it, but he can’t give us any details. It’s a lame way of getting people’s attention.

    As a physics teacher and professional skeptic, I doubt he’s got anything to show us. Anti-grav is theoretically possible, but since we don’t even understand gravity all that well, it’s seems unlikely anyone has developed a real anti-grav device. And I don’t buy the conspiracy nut theory that corporations are suppressing the tech. Take satellite TV and cellphones as examples. The big three networks and Ma Bell fought them tooth and nail, but there was no suppression of either.

    Deyo is a fraud. He has many supporters, of course, some of whom still comment on this age-old thread. He makes tons of predictions than turn out to be wrong, and every once in a blue moon, he’s right. They only pay attention to the blue-moon hits, not the wrong ones. It’s like praising someone for his marksmanship when he uses a shotgun to hit a barn, and only a few shot actually hit the barn.

  40. Reply raven667 Oct 4,2010 10:33 pm

    I just watched Mr. Deyo’s anti gravity lecture on youtube and decided to google around and check his credibility. I consider myself to have an open mind although some on here might argue that not to be the case. I just don’t see someone just making claims to be legit; I need more than that. I think about how I would present some new technology I discovered/invented in my garage, to the world so that there would be little argument as to whether it was real or not. In his presentation he clearly has video capability but no clip demonstrating the device and when asked for a schematic blamed terrorism as a reason not to be able to give the info out. What would have been the harm in at least demonstrating the press-bored with bolts and coils even if it was just a video clip in the presentation? In my mind no demonstration to back up the claims = not legit. I would love to be wrong about this, it would be a great new technology that would change the world. My opinion is subject to change upon more evidence but at this point I think he’s blowin smoke up our skirts.

  41. Reply FreeWorldPolitics Oct 25,2010 7:06 am

    My uncle told me about Stan Deyo when I was a kid. I am not here to say anything other then, you people cant really be serious about no technology exists regarding gravity shielding and alternate clean ‘free’ energy systems. Just think about Pons & Fleishmann in 1989 with their forced premature presentation of Cold Fusion, which again is hot topic, many peple have since independantly made working models of their research and despite the hot fusion community continually debunking it, it is a reality. Here is something re: The War on cold Fusion with respect to people like Eugene Mallove whom quit his post at M.I.T to promote Cold Fusion until his murder. Here is which was set up in Dr Mallove’s honour. A young scientist at Boston, whom I will not name (goes by the name AlienScientist) has a very intersting interview with Dr Eugene Podkletnov here Dr Podkletnov has done much of his own research on working models of gravity shielding. There is also lots of good math on AlienScientists youtube channel where he believes it is very plausible. Re: ‘black projects’ I suggest you watch the enormous amount of Disclosure Projects that have been available since 2001. These projects have gained worldwide momentum, high level authenticated testimony and much physical eveidence that prove such things do exist. I have booked marked a few here Peace.

  42. Reply FreeWorldPolitics Oct 25,2010 10:23 am

    …also I’d just like to add that I was dumbfounded to see someone has created a page just to attempt to criticise and ridicule someone else. No-one says you have to buy his books or videos or donate at his site. As far as I am aware Stan is someone who has been warning against a potential staged alien attack for over 30 years, that others are now saying as well We are in an information WAR. There is a real threat of globalisation under the NWO and rather then attack people trying to prepare others for such things, isnt more noble to share positive information? Like start a page “How do we create free energy systems?” or “Please help build advanced propulsion systems” or even donate to scientists whom are actually doing exactly that.

  43. Reply Hope Jan 27,2011 11:24 pm

    Stan Deyo does have some things right,however:my friend that has been of help to him for many years,got a very nasty email “from his ‘now’ wife..after helping him a lot over ‘many’years
    as ‘Christian, to be so ‘nasty & judjemental, to a christian friend & ‘& judge them’.is not Chritian at all…
    I now see why he gets bad feedback on THIS site!
    We believe his ‘first wife’ Louis would be happy to see the arse end of him…better off without him, she can indeed be happy he ‘regrets’ losing her’every day.
    rubbishes people that help..
    No ‘recognition is ever told to anyone even on radio stations for the info he uses that comes from others,even in his books?
    Is that a grtefull Christian?nor is the new wife
    This is all Lies!
    it is to PROVE you will post anything at all and to prove you will post anything at all to discredit the Deyo’s..everyone that has his books knows he had a wife Louise..

    it is easy to for people like you to add “nasty” comments & call Stan Deyo a fraud, just as this is not true, they are Christians & hurt no one.
    That also affects his wife & family, their site is there for all people that believe the the NASTY stuff people write on your site
    they give credit to people that help in their books etc

    Don’t know them, but your & other nasty peoples comments are as unfounded as this fake .
    You only need to go to his site, his wife sells a Book Dare to Prepare.
    He & his wife also do interviews on radio stations, been on TV, his books have his wives on the covers.not hard to figure out
    Everyone has regrets.
    Your posts of him being a fraud is becuase you know he is right.
    Einstein also made an error in relativity.
    So lay off them.
    They are trying to give information to help people that read their books listen to their radio shows e News on their site I imagine takes a lot of work.
    They DO NOT judge you ,me or anyone else.
    There is always someone around that tries to bring down KIND people.
    Tall poppy syndrome?
    They are not rich ,I imagine because of all their kindess to do The Lords work.

    You don’t post bad things people say about you!!

  44. Reply KayTee Jan 7,2012 8:15 am

    It seems when someone is a Christian all the red flags go up! They’re a fraud, they are crackpots, etc. IS it impossible for a Christian to be educated, hold college degrees, be a scientist, a doctor or another high position in life? OR do you think they are all barefoot rednecks who cannot read or write, let alone think?

    I listen to Stan and his Wife Holly as often as I can. I find them both very intelligent and very helpful in letting people know the Biblical view of what is happening in the world. As far as his first wife, he does mention her, and she left him because I believe of fear of what may happen because of the secret work he was doing for the members of the Illuminati, which he did know at the time! When he did find out..he got out! Smart man!

    It’s time all of you “critics” realize that because someone is a Christian does NOT mean they are stupid! Just what GOOD have YOU done ? HOw many people have YOU encouraged, helped out, and given of your means to ? The Deyos have! Pull that LOG out of your eye before you pick the splinter out of theirs!

  45. Reply eljefe Jan 23,2012 5:15 pm

    It seems you are jumping to conclusions. We’re not saying Deyo is a fraud and a crackpot because he is a Christian. We’re just saying he is a fraud and a crackpot. Period. Makes no difference what his religion is.

  46. Reply Gogh Mar 7,2012 6:36 pm

    I agree mostly with Nowell Didear and FreeWorldPolitics. But some things seem to be seriously wrong with the mix of religious and scientific views and criticisms of Stan Deyo. He takes as one standard the god of the old testament (a Roman Catholic compliation of the Nicene Council), someone who killed even his own people for no clear reason (2 Samuel 24:15) and anyone who did not strictly obey, and to promote an ethnic group / nation. Jesus Christ on the other hand suddenly took a completely different moral standard. Which is right?
    Then Stan Deyo criticizes Obama as an antichrist like figure, but suddenly believes Obama and his masters when they say that Iran has weapons of mass destruction… “The only difference is that Iran is on the brink of obtaining weapons of mass destruction” (
    That sounds familiar. Even just before 911 Steve and Holly in their newsletters warn us for countries like Iraq and Libya having WMD like nuclear, anthrax and also for Usama Bin Laden, freely quoting such sources as “Carnegie Endowment for International Peace & CNN” and former CIA director George Tenet and the U.S. secretary of State. Stan and Holly state in May 19 2001: “Iran also aspires to have nuclear weapons and Iraq has not given up the bomb despite a decade of sanctions and inspections.” ( In September 30 2002 Steve and Holly warn us for the Osama Bin Laden / Saddam Hussein cooperation, and the anthrax threat they pose ( Thus So Steve & Holly appear to have been on the NWO / US government bandwagon scaremongering that led to a war in which 1 million Iraqi “non-believers” died, all based on lies. Sounds like desert god tactics? The whole anthrax thing was a diffuse false flag scare based on lies and had nothing to do with terrorists. Now Steve & Holly point to Iran having WMD that pose a threat to the old testament desert god-backed ethnic claims to Mount Zion and the surrounding lands. I would be interested why a temple rebuild would be less of a false flag than an alien invasion and what rational explanation the politically aware and critical probing mind of Steve Deyo has for the collapse of building 7 and the absence of any plane in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon? Iran has never initiated military action nor can it do so against countries that are armed with nuclear weapons. Iran has always been messed with by the NWO. Mohammad Mosaddegh was the Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 to 1953. His administration introduced a wide range of social reforms but is most notable for its nationalization of the Iranian oil industry, which had been under British control since 1913 through the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC/AIOC) (later British Petroleum or BP). Mosaddegh was removed from power in a coup on 19 August 1953, organised and carried out by the United States CIA at the request of the British MI6 ( Something is very wrong here.

  47. Reply Hue May 13,2012 2:58 pm

    It’s interesting that despite the manifest problems with Deyo’s stated history and claims,
    hardcore believers still madly defend this charlatan. As for his Christianity, why give this closed system of thought any credence? No one has heard from J.C. in 2000 years, and no one in the year 3000 will have, either. Christian fundamentalism + conspiracy theoristism = nuttisim raised to an exponential power.

  48. Reply HaHa Aug 1,2012 7:36 am

    Aliens and Conspiracy theories are the same superstitious nonsense as religions. People believe because they wants to believe. They are not interested in rational analysis of supposed facts. Deyo is just one more snake oil salesman. The joy of the WWW is that nuts like him [and his supporters here] cannot forget there nonsense predictions.

    Evidence the ‘disclosure’ claims. Alien disclosure, New World Order and Jesus; they will all be here next year. Which year? Next year of course – always next year.

  49. Reply Ian Oct 2,2012 2:32 pm

    For all those out there who are wondering what ever became of Stans first wife Louise, I had the greatest pleasure in marring her in January 2000. We both live in Perth, Western Australia and enjoy a loving, family orientated life style where we are committed to each other and to our children.

    In relation to Stan earlier life, I have limited knowledge but I was informed that his father was an air force base commander in WW2 in the Middle East. Stans father, I have also been told, was an intellectually gifted man having studied law and I believe also geology at university. Both his mother and father were members of Mensa.

    Stan has had 3 marriages. One in America where he fathered 2 boys, one in Australia where he fathered 2 boys and a girl. The last to Holly. Stan abandoned his first two families, some say, because they stopped believing in what he was peddling. Only Stan can answer those questions, and only he will have to explain on judgement day, if you believe in it, as to why he did or did not do certain acts, as all those who believe will have to do.

    All the children have met each other over the years, they have not all been together at the one time, but they will, god willing. Each child is loving and giving and very family orientated. There are also several grand children and I believe great grand children but Stan does not have contact with any of them.

    My own personal feelings towards Stan, gratitude. If Stan had not left Louise for Holly I would never have found true happiness. Perhaps that is what is more important than all the ramblings that have gone on above as to science vs. this or Christianity vs. that. Everyone needs different things in their life. Some need to believe, some need to question. If at the end of the day you can look into your heart and know that there is no place and no one else that you would rather be with, then your doing ok.

    Don’t be too cynical. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Stan believes in what he is doing, at least he is passionate about something, are you?

    As a closing thought, how many people from Stans past is he still in regular contact with him. I know many people who knew and assisted in supporting his family when he was down on his luck. People who helped keep the roof over Stans families head and food on their table. How many of these good people, who never judged Stan, is he still in contact with? How many people have helped you [who are reading this] and you have failed to call them every now and then to say Thanks.

    If you don’t like Stans books, throw them away, or sell them on eBay to someone else.
    Judge yourself as you have judged Stan!
    Know that Louise and all the children are doing fine and are surrounded by those that love and cherish them.
    And remember that good things can come from adversity if you stay positive and look!

    May your deity smile on your life.

  50. Reply Baal Jun 14,2013 10:20 am

    I recently listened to two interviews on YouTube with Mr. Deyo. I don’t know enough about him to pass judgment. However, there were some red flags. He doesn’t seem to have much of a verifiable resume. He’s in his early sixties apparently. Other than a high school diploma, he does not have any academic qualifications. He claims to have done “private research” in his garage/basement earlier in his life and worked as a programmer of some kind for IBM in the early 70s. The story get odd quickly after that. He was approached while working at IBM by an individual who worked for a man named Teller. He was recruited to go to Australia to do research on anti-gravity issues. He had a falling out of some kind with someone and went on the run for some rather long period of time. I’m assuming these shadowy figures can’t be found to corroborate his representations. It would seem his first wife divorced him during this time period. I would assume his marraige and divorce a verifiable somewhere. He has a lot of unverifiable, unexplained time in his past with very little in the way of formal qualification i.e. diplomas, degrees, certifications from recognized professional societies etc. He started at some point during one of the interviews talking about underground research centers, under the antarctic pole where flying saucers were being made by brilliant humans such as himself and “aliens” of some kind. This is where I decided that he’s a little too out there for me.

    Most people, with a little work, can establish a pretty seamless timeline for their lives. Where they were, doing what and when. And it can be verified by third parties if need be. He reminds me of another guy I’ve heard on non-mainstream media named Dr. Bill Deagle. Another guy with amazing claims about his past, who has no CV published anywhere. Deagle is also bright, and can run quite a line of impressive sounding talk. And Deagle has a website and a radio show and makes his money selling vitamins and other nutritional substances.

    I am not interested enough in this man to much more investigation. I think people should think twice before sending their hard earned dollars to this autodidact, smooth talking customer.

  51. Reply Al May 27,2014 10:53 am

    Ian, thanks for that info. I also wondered what had happened to Louise. It’s good to know that you are both happy.

    I’m an ex-pat Aussie. I spoke with Stan on the phone once when I was ordering one of his survival books for my wife. We had a bit of a chat when he recognized my accent and he made a few claims about being hounded in Oz. I that I’m skeptical but I’m one of those guys that tends to be with most things.

  52. Reply Mariel Jun 16,2014 4:45 am

    My son who is an atheist brought up this website to try to convince me that Stan is a nutcase.
    I will reply about those things i know about Stan only. I am not a scientist, although I have a graduate degree from Stanford in another field.
    Stan is a believer in the fundamental gospel of Jesus Christ, which is that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and was resurrected, and that we
    who follow Jesus will also be resurrected or taking out of earth by the rapture, or rescue from the tribulation.

    Stan never talks about his marriage and children prior to Holly in his internet talks, therefore I know nothing about them.
    Stan does not fall for most New Age things, but does give credence to some Hopi prophecy, and tries on his website to correlate it with scientific
    theories about earth changes past, present, and future.
    I have listened to Stan at least once a week for quite a few years, so what I know what his declared faith is.
    I appreciate him as an empathic human being, a compassionate human being.


  53. Reply MR A R sarig Sep 7,2014 2:30 am

    And if you are that concerned that you need to comment on this, why are you worried? Namaste

  54. Reply notafan Oct 14,2014 5:44 pm

    Louise is still naturally gorgeous, and remarried to a fellow somewhat younger than herself. I don’t think Stan would have left her if Holly wasn’t cashed up.

  55. Reply Steven Feb 8,2015 2:46 pm

    Hi everyone.
    Happy new year to you all. (feb 2015) I feel compelled to add to this converstion re Stan Deyo because I find his stuff fascinating. I just came recently to the gig via google, youtube etc.
    Firstly, I should being by saying I am neither a physicist nor theologian. ( and not much good at spelling or spell checking). However, in appraising Stan’s work, I do believe it is important to separate God from pure science, as we can quickly devolve into dogma and belief instead of clinical, and yes, cold observation, theory and experimentation. (anyone disagree?) I do not wish to offend anyone’s belief/faith system but for the purposes of my dialogue, confine myself purely to the realm of science. (sorry)
    I wish to ignore his discussions regarding earth quake prediction, end of days, ebola etc. and instead focus purely on what I think is cool and that is “Alien propulsion technology”, which is what led me here in the first place.
    Some of you guys (probably most, since you’re here) will have seen his videos regarding”anti=grav” devices and so called “free energy” devices. After witnessing a ufo phenomenon in which the “units” ran utterly silently as glowing fire coloured orbs in formation, less than 1000m from the ground. (For the sceptics, I knew the cloud height under which they traversed as it was reflecting the underlying street lights in winter, when the clouds fly low and as they progressed, I could discern their relection also). I wanted to know (as you might), how such a thing was possible. So, probably by now some of you are thinking that I either mistook what I saw, or am a “believer”. Not so. I am probably one of the most cynical people you could meet. Nevertheless, let’s examine the physics/engineering of the Possibility that such craft/devices exist and how they potentially would work.
    Now, this is where my brain cannot in all truthfullness impart any knowledge, on account of being just a regular guy and not having any training in magneto electrodynamics, plasma fields and so on. So when I can’t figure this stuff out, I look around for other people that do, such as graduate electrical engineers, theoretical physicists etc.
    So, when Stan describes (and displays) a particle board aparatus surrounded by what appears to be a layer cake of what could be best descibed as “electro/magnetic stalks” (my phrase not his), I am amazed as he calmly declares this to be a fully functional anti=grav device!
    Therefore, I beseech all those qualified to know, is this a scientific breakthrough, or simply a crock? Again, without going into all the paranoia, I have noticed that the field of physics has generally been dormant since Hawking. The possible exception being in quantum mechanics (particle teleportation,string theory, multiverse etc.) But I don’t see any engineering advances in terms of practical applications. So when I see this guy explaining/bulshitting me, I don’t know if it’s real or what. I am kind of seduced by the promise, but wary of being duped.
    So, is it snake oil or salvation for mankind? I admit that I am not qualified to answer that question. Are you? Take for example the idea of “free energy”, although Stan himself admits that it is not “free” but merely “cheap”. He discusses someone I can’t recall (refer inet), who is capable of extracting electricity out of thin air using large dipoles or something. How would I know?
    Mind you, if it is bullshit, then we must be looking at the best con-artist of all time, because I’m hooked. Maybe that’s cos I want to believe in a bright future for mankind where we can roam the galaxy and where the poor can access unlimited power cheaply.
    In conclusion I would like to recap on several points. There is no doubt that democratic government’s from whatever country do not wish to tell us everything. That is the natural course of events, since we want to be safely tucked in our beds without knowing what they do.
    We depend on them to make the right calls for us. I believe that in the most part they do precisely that. On the other hand, we can notice a prediliction amongst mainstream physicists to simply regurgitate Einstein dogma as though it was immutable and never advance their field, stuck in twentieth century backwaters of “physical obstructionism” (ie. can’t go faster than light, can’t manipulate gravity, can’t wash my clothes etc.) They put uneccessary barriers in front of themselves and sit back to enjoy the wonder of their own redneck predjudice and then say, “see I told you so.” Their own narrow mindedness precludes any further advances. I call for a new paradigm of MetaPhysics in which the free mind is unshackled from the dogma, predjudice and the “No can do” philosophy, into a wide ranging re-evaluation of physics in general, so as to take us, all together into this twenty-first century and re-live the dreams and aspirations that despite contrary opinion by many, said, “You know what? We can build flying machines”.

  56. Reply Jullou May 28,2015 12:46 am

    Well, it is now May 2015 and it looks like Stan’s predictions are coming true with earthquakes, tornados, floods in Texas, and weather changes all over the place.

  57. Reply JohnSmith Jan 9,2018 3:27 pm

    For the past 15 years I’ve been a “conspiracy theorist” — actually a conspiracy REALIST. I first heard of Stan Deyo from a friend of mine, who quoted Deyo on Christian religious stuff. I found the original Deyo quote. It was blatantly incorrect! Easily refutable via Google.

    Tonight I am looking into Atlantis (again), and during my searching came across a Stan Deyo 2016 “Prophecy” Conference talk on it posted on GooTube. The assertions he made were ludicrous!! I laughed out loud 8 times! Then I sent the link to friends so they could laugh too. I was going to add a comment, but the comments were disabled for the video. Hmmmm…….

    He is so full of disinfo that I suspected that he may be CIA but couldn’t find anyone who has properly vetted the guy. Thank you for the post here.

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