The dangers of digital photography

Back in the days when photographers used something called film to take pictures, the time required to process the negatives and print the positives allowed one to contemplate the wisdom of sharing one’s photographic efforts.

Now, the instantaneous nature of digital photography (digital cameras, cell phones, teeny tiny video cameras) seems to have removed contemplation from the equation. Now, we can see images worldwide that probably should never have left the darkroom.

Here are two examples. I won’t link them, but a quick Google search will find the pertinent images.

(1) Emma Watson, aged 15, British actress of Harry Potter fame, posing with beer bottle in hand. One of her mates probably took the picture, and she could have been clowning around. She probably is not breaking any local laws, but the U.S. media are bound to have a field day with this one, clucking about her being a role model and all.
(2) Hapless semi-anonymous Malaysian girl, aged 17, having oral and vaginal sex with her boyfriend. This video now circulating around the internet was shot with a cell phone. Why this girl agreed to the videography defies common sense, since it’s likely this young couple broke local laws that are pretty strict.

So, kids, try to be more careful when you agree to have your picture taken. There’s no telling where those images might show up.

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