When TV gets too bad, check out the night skies

Courtesy of BadAstronomy.com, I found this free e-book, What’s Up 2006, offering 365 days of nifty astronomical tidbits and observing guides. You’ll need Adobe Reader to view it, but, heck, that’s free, too, at adobe.com.

If you’re old fashioned and like books, there is a print edition available for $20, which is a bargain for brand new coffee-table books, IMHO.

Today’s entry gives a short bio of Urbain Leverrier, who predicted the existence of Neptune on the basis of deviations in Uranus’ orbit, and details on how to find the lunar crater named for him. The authors also highlight a triple star system near Sirius to view with binoculars or small telescope.

It’s well done, entertaining and more educational than, say, American Idol.

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