Crazy time

Well, I haven’t been blogging much lately, since the non-blogging side of life has been keeping me so busy. Having an intermittent internet connection while Insight Broadband upgraded its infrastructure didn’t help either.

The school year here is winding down, which paradoxically means teachers (and most students) have more work to do than usual. Our seniors have to present their exit projects, which requires their graders to set aside time to witness the presentations and then to meet to discuss the projects’ grades. There are papers to grade, review guides to prepare, and a bushel of other organizational tidbits that have to be taken care of before we roll up the hallways for summer break.

On the more personal side, we have adopted a dog, which of course requires me to take him on regular walks. And now that we have finished our move, a ton of boxes to sort through.

This time of the year is an emotional one for high school communities. Ours is a small school, so the seniors develop strong bonds with one another and with their fellow students and their teachers. We teachers get to know these kids pretty well, so saying goodbye can sometimes be a wrenching experience. Imagine sending your kids off to college not just once per kid, but 20 to 40 times each year, and you’ll get some perspective into what I am talking about. I’ve been doing this goodbye thing now for 21 years, and I’ll tell you, it doesn’t get any easier.

At the same time, though, there is a sense of relief, too. No matter what anyone tells you, teaching is not easy. Aside from the obvious requirements of being prepared for class and grading assignments, there is the daily emotional and psychological effort required to deal with four or five roomfuls of teenagers who — no matter how sweet or studious they are — would just as soon be somewhere else than school. After several months, many teachers are in the same state of mind. The summer break from regular classroom work beckons to our consciousness like an oasis to a thirsty bedouin.

So I have two more regular class days, then our exam week begins. My exams are next Tuesday, so I will have several days of relative downtime. If nothing else distracts me, I should be back into in the blogging spirit fairly soon.

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