It was just time for a change

After spending five days working on other sites, I came back to my blog to find I was really tired of the default WordPress theme. It was too narrow, and the sidebar was hard to read. So, I spent Sunday night finding a new theme and as many hours finetuning it.

The new theme is called Sharepointlike, developed by a coder in Bulgaria. The links for “Category,” “Edit this post,” and “Comment on this post” were in Bulgarian, so one of my tweaks was to change those into English for the Cyrillic-impaired.

Then, I had to manually edit the index.php file for the theme to add the Amazon, PayPal and other doodads I have added during the last six months. This part was the post time-consuming, as I do the editing the old-fashioned way: change the code, upload the file, view in browser. Rinse. Repeat as necessary.
Finally, I could not live without my header image, a Martian sunset transmitted to Earth by the Mars rover, Spirit, in 2005. The image is compelling. I have the same feeling looking at it as I did way back in 1976 when the Viking lander sent back the first images of the ruddy Martian desert. I can imagine standing alongside the landers viewing the scenery with my own eyes.

Both bring home that Mars is another planet like Earth, with its own sunrises, sunsets and landscapes. Someday, a future Ansel Adams will be photographing Martian scenery just as the real Adams did in the American West, though perhaps with different equipment.

I still need to fix the counter for Spam Karma 2 at the very bottom of the page, and I suppose other little details will consume my attention in the next few days. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy the new look.

Yosemite and the High SierraYosemite and the High Sierra

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