I can’t leave well enough alone …

After changing to a new theme, I decided to trick out my WordPress installation with some nifty mods, some of which I hope will help solve Google’s apparent inability to crawl my blog.

A “related posts” plugin will display a few potentially related previous posts after each post. Honestly, the connections seem pretty tenuous at best, but at least it’s entertaining, and it might encourage visitors to read my earlier stuff.

A Google analytics plugin seems to be completely invisible to Google, despite my repeated attempts to make it check out. I’m just going to leave it there and hope for the best. Google says my sitemap checks out OK, but yet its bot can’t crawl the vast majority of the site. Weird.

A tagging plugin will prompt me with suggested tags for my posts, so that my Technorati association may perhaps pay off.

I noticed tonight that some of my changes must have had some effect, as the number of incoming links to the site seems to have jumped dramatically. I am going to check my site traffic analysis to see what happened and when.

My old theme had a bunch of addons, which I had to reinstall by manually changing the code of the new theme. One of them, the NeoCounter box, is a neat (free) way to show the national origin of my visitors. SItemeter offers a world map counter, but you have to pay for it. And as you might see, I figured out to get the Spam Karma 2 counter to show up properly at the bottom of the homepage.

Finally, I upgraded to WordPress 2.04, since it offers better security.

My next objective is to lick this Googlebot crawl problem, since it seems to be preventing my blog from showing up in Google anywhere. That’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a major concern of most website developers.

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