Paducah area science teacher still sacked after appearing nude, and then some 1

It’s old news, since Tericka Dye lost her job last spring, but it’s a fitting counterpoint to Sydney McGee’s situation.

Dye is a popular, award-winning science teacher and volleyball coach at Reidland High School in McCracken County. When word got out that she had performed in adult films as Rikki Andersin 11 years ago, Dye got the old heave-ho. Despite legal and administrative efforts to regain her job, Dye remains unemployed as a teacher.

As Dye and her lawyer tell it, she was a broke 23-year-old with children to feed. She discovered, as many women have, that any halfway attractive female can make some big bucks quickly if she is willing to strip, move suggestively, and/or perform sex acts on camera. In Dye’s case, she worked as a stripper and was enticed to go to Los Angeles to film oral and anal sex scenes, which appeared in several XXX movies.

Unlike some adult film actresses, Dye did not stay in the business, despite a tidy $3,000 paycheck. She joined the army, went to college, got a degree and ended up as a science teacher in western Kentucky, land of God-fearing, forgiving Christian folk.

Despite shows of support from parents, students and local churches, and sympathetic coverage by Louisville’s The Southeast Outlook, the McCracken County school board decided that her previous occupation as an adult film actress would be “too distracting,” rendering her unfit to be a teacher.

Thus, we lose another gifted teacher to bureaucratic buffoonery. Frankly, Dye’s story would probably hold her students’ attention better than any teaching method known to the profession, even if she was teaching them about plate tectonics or botanical classification. Students usually find their teachers boring, because they find the subject boring. When they come across a teacher who is actually interesting and who loves his or her chosen subject, some kids actually get fired up about the subject at hand.

Dye has led a rough-and-tumble life. She took advantage of a lucrative job opportunity, which despite some bluenoses’ wishes, is quite legal in many parts of the world. She made some quick bucks, but gave it up for more legitimate, less “edgy” pursuits, and became a model citizen. Why punish her for something she did more than a decade ago?

Of course, if an art teacher can be suspended for showing students a nude sculpture of a 2,300-year-old dead guy, I suppose it’s to be expected that a science teacher can lose her job for sucking a live guy at age 23.

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One comment on “Paducah area science teacher still sacked after appearing nude, and then some

  1. Reply wheatdogg Dec 10,2006 9:04 pm

    Agreed. She has applied for reinstatement, following an appearance on the Dr Phil TV show. No word yet on how the school board will react.

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