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Ex-porn performer Tericka Dye is still teaching, somewhere.

Last spring the media were aflurry with the shocking revelation that a well-liked science teacher in western Kentucky had, for a brief time in her younger days, performed in porno movies. Tericka Dye, a teacher at Reidland High School in McCracken County, Ky., was dismissed, despite parental support and an excellent reputation as teacher and volleyball coach.

She appealed the decision administratively, but was not reinstated. She then filed a lawsuit against the McCracken County schools, which a local judge dismissed, then appealed that decision to the Kentucky Court of Appeals.

In February Dye withdrew the appeal, ending the legal battle, preferring to set the whole episode behind her. She has found work as a teacher elsewhere, according to the Paducah Sun. Her lawyer advised the “don’t ask, don’t tell” strategy when dealing with new employers; don’t volunteer her past life if they don’t ask. She may also be working under a different name, since googling “Tericka Dye” would spill the beans.

Dye admitted to performing as Rikki Andersin in a handful of porno movies 13 years ago when she was young and foolish. As she told it, she was psychologically a mess and dead broke, and was desperate for money. She left the porn industry quickly, enlisted in the Army, and after her discharge, pursued a career in science teaching.

No one at Reidland High was the wiser, until a video store worker noticed a remarkable resemblance between the bespectacled Dye and the photo of Rikki on a video. After students and parents apparently watched the movies, Dye’s cover was blown (if you forgive the pun). Despite parental support and an excellent reputation as a teacher and volleyball coach, school officials refused to renew her contract for the following year. Her later appearance on the Dr. Phil TV show did nothing to further her cause.

Dye had hoped that folks in the Bible Belt would be more forgiving and recognize she had turned her life around, but she was wrong. Apparently, teachers if they have sex at all are not supposed to be too public about it. Having an ex-porn actress teaching high students was too much for rural Kentucky.

[In a related story, Dye’s former principal lost his job, too. Glen Ringstaff was reassigned to a district office job for failing to meet expectations. It seems Dye was only part of his problems.]

Dye never had sex with a student, never encouraged them to enter the adult entertainment industry, and never told her students to watch her videos. She broke no laws (at least in California — Kentucky still has sodomy laws). She was not proud at all of her porn appearances, so clearly did not want to advertise them. She gave up the porno industry. She would rather be a teacher.

Some people would rather Dye never teach high school students again, like she was some kind of soiled goods. I disagree. She isn’t a porn actor now, and even then I’m not sure it would automatically disqualify her as a teacher. [There would be some ethical dilemmas, to be sure.] Instead she’s a great example of how someone can hit bottom and turn his or her life around.

So, I’m glad Dye has found work elsewhere. Hopefully her past will not follow her and she can once again be a well-respected science teacher.

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11 thoughts on “Updates on school-related posts 1: Tericka Dye

  1. Reply eljefe Dec 22,2008 11:42 am

    Thanks for your careful, well reasoned response. Obviously, you must be one of those folks who lives in the Bible Belt.

    Sources? She spilled her guts to her ex-husband’s sister. So who told you? I got my info from reputable media sources. Where’s yours from?

    All right, so her contract was not renewed and she got the rest of her pay for the year. That’s SOP for contracted public school teachers, unless they commit a felony, which she didn’t. My complaint is still valid. She should not have been dismissed (or re-hired) because of poor judgment in her past. If she had not lied on her application, they might not have hired her in the first place. Maybe she really wanted to teach. Remember, she committed no crime.

  2. Reply Joe Bastardi Dec 22,2008 2:58 am

    It’s amazing to me how everyone excepts at face value Tericka’s attorneys story. The video store clerk part of the story is bullshit. She got drunk with her ex’s sister and spilled the beans on herself. She was paid the full amount she was contracted to work. She just wasn’t renewed to work another year. Since she lied on the morals part of her contract to teach, I think the school system was pretty damn fair to her to pay her the rest of her contract. Take the bullshit snide bible belt comments and ram them up your ass.

  3. Reply eljefe Mar 15,2009 9:14 am

    Stella —

    My points exactly. A person’s past behavior does not determine her present behavior, or the way other people associate with her. She chose not to pursue a “career” in adult movies; instead, she became a school teacher, and from all appearances, a very good one. Her appearances in adult movies broke no laws, and as far as I am concerned, Ms. Dye was under no obligation to report them on her employment applications. Perhaps she should have, but I doubt being honest at the beginning would have made no difference in the end. She probably still would have lost her job.

    As for the Bible Belt comment I made, Joe, it was to point out the hypocrisy of so-called Christians who preach forgiveness and humility, but when push comes to shove, abandon those ideals for secular convenience. In an ideal world, the predominantly Christian community in western Kentucky would have let Ms. Dye keep her job, especially if she were a church-goer herself.

  4. Reply Stella Mar 15,2009 12:50 am

    I KNEW her. She was a teacher at my school, a teacher of MINE, and she was well respected BECAUSE she acted and conducted herself, both professionally and otherwise, in a manner to be respected. Yes, she made a stupid mistake in desperation, and yes, she shouldn’t have lied. But at the same time, who said it was the public’s business to know her personal affairs? I still respect her, all the more for picking her ass up off the ground and making herself into the woman that I knew as my teacher.

  5. Reply mattm Apr 3,2009 12:43 am

    it was nothing but underage kids missed her job up

  6. Reply kicker May 13,2009 10:42 pm

    I served in the military with her. She was nothing but trouble and drama 24/7. One of those soldiers who, when her name was mentioned, every NCO and officer’s eyes would roll. If you had a detachment of 15 people you’d spend 50% of your time on her ‘issues’.

    Maybe, just maybe, she changed her life. It’s been my experience most people don’t change that dramatically. I certainly hope I’m wrong in this instance but she was a mess way back then.

  7. Reply zymotic Jun 7,2009 1:45 pm

    Kicker – She was nothing like that when she taught our high school science classes. I don’t know how her personal life was, but she left the drama out of her teaching life and she certainly did not deserve to be fired.

  8. Reply cane Aug 19,2009 4:09 pm

    America needs to grow up. Start worrying about real issues such as the collapse of the middle class, corruption in the government, national debt. Stop being so self-rightous. No where in the bible does it say it’s immoral to have sex or have sex on film. Further, no one can argue that the bible was written before porn; Solomon said “…there is nothing new under the sun…” and if GOD did write the bible it was written for all time, not just the middle eastern desert world.

  9. Reply eljefe Oct 9,2009 11:32 am

    Just so everyone knows, including terri, that I redacted some of the information she included in her comment. Terri included Tericka Dye’s physical address, as well as her current name, her husband’s name and the name of her school. I see no reason to publish someone’s residential address on a blog, and the school terri identified was actually the wrong one. Terri did, however, give me enough information that I could find out where I believe Dye now teaches. It is a public high school in Missouri, where she teaches science. Since I believe Dye deserves some privacy, I also redacted her name and the name of her husband. I only hope her current school hired her knowing about the fuss in Kentucky ahead of time.

  10. Reply terri Oct 9,2009 9:18 am

    she now teaches at a school in missouri, under name of tera —— —–. she has changed her life i understand since marrying —-. she is an ok teacher i think.

  11. Reply eljefe Mar 4,2011 9:25 pm

    Another tipster yesterday gave me information about the purported whereabouts of the former Tericka Dye. As I said before, I am not publishing it. This tipster even used the teacher’s school email address as his own and linked to her school webpage, with the remark, “This is her!!!”

    I have no desire to submit Ms. Dye to any more media exposure or public humiliation. Unfortunately, nothing ever goes away on the Internet, and at some point someone somewhere will make the connection between her new identity and the old one. I see no reason why I should make it any easier to blow her cover.

    So, if you’re one of those people trying to make her life miserable again, lay off! The porn stuff is years in the past and has no bearing on her life or her career now. She went through enough bullshit already. Leave her alone.

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