Religious “minutemen” pressure mid-Ohio school board

Meanwhile, in Mount Vernon, Ohio, a group calling itself the “Minutemen” is pushing the local school board to explain why a 7th grade science teacher cannot keep a Bible on his desk, or it will “recall” school board members.

School officials say the matter is still under consideration.

The teacher in question is John Freshwater, a popular but controversial teacher, who has refused his superiors’ demands that he remove his Bible from students’ view. Freshwater is also under investigation for allegedly burning a cross on a student’s arm, for disseminating religious literature during class, and for proselytizing students.

The Minutemen are undoubtedly affiliated with another Christian nutcase up there, “Coach” Dave Daubenmire, who quickly came to Freshwater’s support after the Bible incident. Daubenmire supports a rightwing Christian group, the Minutemen Unlimited.

In a letter to school officials, the Mount Vernon Minutemen say they will replace the school board if the school system does not announce its supports the Bible.

“Although we do not want this to be taken as a threat, we feel it is only right that we inform you that if a public statement is not made in support of the Bible by June 10 we will have no other choice than to begin a recall procedure on all members of the School Board who voted to ban the Bible from the view of the children.”

Note the twisting of facts here. Mount Vernon school officials did not at any point say they were opposed to the Bible, or that students could not read the Bible. All they want is for Freshwater to keep the Bible out of view, to avoid infringing the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

Typical of right-wing Christian groups, the Minutemen are evading the entire legal issue of pushing Christianity on public school kids and instead making it a case of Us (Bible-lovin’ Amurricans) vs. Them (pencil-necked librul atheists).

The school board, incidentally, did not “vote” to ban the Bible, either. It was the administrators who told Freshwater to move his Bible. School board members do not typically get involved in the daily administration of personnel. So, the Mintemen don’t even have their facts straight.

Big surprise.

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