Sorry, girls. The Bible says you can’t play football

The Bible apparently has injunctions about women playing football.

Kacy Stuart, 14, plays for the New Creation Center Crusaders outside Atlanta, Georgia. Initially, league officials had denied her permission to play, but then relented. Her team’s first opponent after her reinstatement were the East Atlanta Mustangs.

The Mustangs played the Crusaders, but under protest, because Stuart was on the team. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The first team Kacy faced relied on the Bible to express its beliefs about female football players in a pre-game statement, said New Creation athletic director Coach Ken Townley.

“The East Atlanta Mustangs didn’t play us under protest but they were allowed to read a statement on their beliefs about female football players,” Townley said. “They used biblical verses from the book of Romans. I was very stunned by that.”

The Mustangs coach offered no explanation to the AJC reporter, perhaps because the Crusaders whupped his team’s ass, 39-8, with Stuart doing all the kicking.

The teams comprise private-school and homeschooled students, which I take to mean Christian students, given the location. So, using Scripture to justify just about any wacko idea should not come as a surprise. During my own study of the Bible, however, I never came across any references to football, or any sport for that matter. So, just to make sure, I read the book of Romans over again.

Discernment, alas, eluded me. I could find not one verse that could be construed to bar women from playing football.

I’m glad that Stuart was able to play for her team. Someone there must have some common sense. Using the Bible to question the appropriateness of her playing, however, is just plain wrong on so many levels that one wonders what the coach’s real motivation was.

The full story is here.

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