Hauser boy, mother flee for Mexico to evade mandated cancer treatment 1

[Updated 11 am May 21 China Time]

JISHOU, HUNAN — Alternative medicine believer Colleen Hauser has taken her son, Daniel, 13, and may be heading to Mexico, according to news reports.

Mrs. Hauser and Daniel were spotted in southern California, and perhaps will try to enter Mexico to get Daniel treatment for his stage 2B Hodgkin’s lymphoma. They were reportedly accompanied by a third person, either their lawyer or another young lymphoma patient, who beat cancer through alt-med means. perhaps their lawyer.

A Brown County, Minn., judge had last week ordered Daniel’s parents to get conventional medical treatment for Daniel, despite their unwillingness to do so. Colleen and Daniel Hauser visited a clinic to get Daniel’s chest X-rayed Monday morning; with them was their attorney, Susan Daya Hamwi.

Hamwi and the Hausers are all subscribe to the Nemenhah Band, an alt-med pseudo-Native American “religious” group. The Hausers are white and self-described Roman Catholics.

The clinic told the three that Daniel’s tumor had gotten larger, and that he needed to visit an oncologist right away. Instead, they left, saying they had “other places to go,” missing a court appearance that afternoon.

The judge has issued a warrant for Colleen’s Hauser’s arrest and ruled that Daniel be placed in a foster home and get immediate treatment for his lymphoma. Border police and the FBI have been alerted to the Hausers’ likely intentions.

The leader of the Nemenhah, Philip “Cloudpiler” Landis, said it was a bad idea for the Hausers to flee. He said his organization had encouraged them to follow the judge’s orders.

More details from the AP

Hamwi may have encouraged the Hausers to leave, according to this report.

The doctor also said he tried to explain the situation to Daniel, but the boy “was feeling some pressure” to leave from Susan Daya Hamwi, an attorney and friend of the family from Marina Del Ray, Calif.

The Hausers have a fool for a lawyer, as well as fools for “doctors.”

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One comment on “Hauser boy, mother flee for Mexico to evade mandated cancer treatment

  1. Reply Crowe, Jr., DVM, DACVS-Emeritus, DACVECC, FCCM, NRAEMTH Dennis T (Tim) Apr 19,2019 6:29 am

    I am not sure how old this article is but I do hope that Mrs Hauser has a chance to take her boy to another country that will allie it even encourage other forms of therapy for the boy’s lymphoma. It’s very sad that parents are not able to make very careful decisions on behalf of their son. In Germany there are over 100 oncology clinics that offer complementary medical care including hyperthermia, intravenous herbs like tumeric and vitamin C and oxygen therapies. As well as the use of much lower doses of chemotherapy agents, due to the effects of hyperthermia on cancer cells as it makes them much more sensitive to the chemo meds. Please review the literature carefully as you will find success in medical science with these types of therapies. Yes, it’s not conventional therapy but a combination of varies modalities that offer less complications and even more success with treatment, i.e putting the cancer into remission and even effecting cure. In today’s world there is more to cancer therapy than just chemo, radiation and surgey but unfortunately medical doctors have never had training, or at least very much, in nutrition, nor other modalities for cancer care. They are also not allowed by the US medical establishment as far as I know to even discus other supportive therapies. Please let the family make the decision they need to make and not be pressed to just accept chemo and radiation only for their boy. Sincerely. Dr. D T Crowe,

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