Orly Taitz hounds Kentucky’s AG and Sec. of State about Obama

JISHOU, HUNAN — The Queen Bee of the Birthers, Orly Taitz Esq., DDS, buzzed over to Kentucky recently to whip up a swarm of angry bee-rthers to visit state officials in Frankfort.

She wanted Kentucky state officials to do something, anything, about the “proof” she had that Pres. Barack Obama was actually born outside the USA and therefore ineligible to be president.

Taitz, who has a correspondence course law degree and is a member of the California bar, brought a federal issue to Kentucky‘s attorney general’s public corruption office, the secretary of state, and finally (perhaps as an afterthought) to the Kentucky office of the FBI.

For the full details, read this account in Esquire of another example of Taitz tilting at windmills.

The fact that Taitz could find so many other people who believe the same whacko things she does is just a little scary. That she found them in Kentucky is, well, not so surprising.

[Kentucky factoid: The Esquire piece refers to the Knob Creek Machine Gun Range, which is in West Point, Kentucky, about 40 minutes’ drive southwest of Louisville. Travel a bit further south along wide, wide Dixie Highway, and you will come to the Fort Knox Military Reservation. Diagonally opposite West Point, on the other side of Fort Knox, is where I used to live – Lebanon Junction. See map below.]

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