Judge battles defiant school officials in Florida

BEIJING — This story caught my eye, since mixing religion and public education is one of my pet peeves. Officials at Pace High School in Florida are openly defying court injunctions against public prayers at school functions. So the judge is charging them with criminal contempt of court.

More Christian martyrs battling the lions (those nasty secular judges).

Ed Brayton has all the details here. I’m too tired right now to weigh in on it myself.

UPDATE Aug. 21: A school clerk, Michelle Winkler, was cleared of civil contempt charges today. U.S. District Judge Casey Rodgers found that Winkler, who asked her husband to pray at a school awards banquet, was not named in the original injunction.

Winkler told reporters she believed school officials were in a “battle” against the American Civil Liberties Union and their school district.

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