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JISHOU, HUNAN — Recently, we’ve had a lot of rain here, which is typical for this time of the year. When it rains heavily, some parts of campus get flooded. It happened once last year, and twice this year (so far).

Basically, the storm drains can’t seem to handle the runoff, and the area around the dorms and the stadium ends up with knee-deep water. Someone took a video of the flooding last week, and uploaded it to, one of China’s answers to Youtube.

The title, “吉首大学校园再次被淹” (Jishou Daxue Xiao Yuan Zai Ci Bei Yan), means “Jishou University Campus Flooded Once Again.” You can see the street between the stadium and the dorms, where a bus is parked, the greens near the dorms, people walking along the sidewalks, some stores, and workers setting up temporary “bridges” so the students can get out of their dorms to go eat or take their exams.

My dorm is on the top of a hill, so we send all our rainwater down to the student dorms. So thoughtful we are.

Incidentally, Youku is one of the best sites to watch TV and movies online. There are English language movies, too. If you visit that link, the quick navigation menu is along the top of the page. This is the link for TV: 电视剧; and this is for movies: 电影.

From left to right, the menu items are: 首页 (Home Page), 世界杯 (The World Cup), TV, movies, 综艺 (variety entertainment), 视频 (video), 空间 (user space), 看吧 (kanba, which has a variety of videos, including COSplay), and 分类 (classifications, which gives you a drop down menu of specific topics).

You can download videos from Youku, but you have to install their downloader. The other big video-sharing site is, which does not require a downloader. More about that later.

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5 thoughts on “Call Roto-Rooter!

  1. Reply Sanny Ye Jul 16,2010 12:16 pm

    Are you still in Jishou, did not see you on line long time. All of Hunan was flooded, but I really like the flooded time in summer

  2. Reply John Wheaton Jul 16,2010 1:51 pm

    I was off line a lot because the university was upgrading its equipment,and I also had a lot of work to do. Now, I'll be back online.

  3. Reply Janice H Quinn Jul 17,2010 12:20 am

    Sally wrote 'exams are over' Hope you get a break for a few.

  4. Reply John Wheaton Jul 17,2010 1:31 pm

    Yeah, we're done. Sally and most of her classmates have gone home for the summer. I am tutoring some gradeschoolers this month, then next month I will travel.

  5. Reply Matt Gatton Jul 22,2010 1:10 pm

    Hey John,

    Would love to catch up with you and your adventurous doings! Shoot me an e-mail. Being a Luddite I haven’t really figured out the Facebook thing…guess I’m the last one in North America.

    All Best,

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