Back from oblivion — the short version

JISHOU, HUNAN — Yesterday, my site was hacked. In fact, I think the entire server was hacked. Someone by the name of GhOST61 replaced every single file with his own 40-byte “neener neener — I hacked you” message.

My webhost, Planet Earth Hosting, told me the hacker managed to plant a rootkit somehow on the webserver, which I gather took down my site and a bunch of others. For those who don’t know, a rootkit is a nasty little of code that works its way into operating system of a computer (Linux, in this case) and gives the code free access as the “root” user, also known as the superuser or the administrator account. With that access, the hacker’s code can do just about anything.

All this guy did was replace our index pages — the first thing you see when you open a website — with his 40-byte taunt. It could have been much, much worse.

As it is, my hosts had to restore the operating system on the server — that’s like completely reinstalling Windows, with consequent loss of data. Then they restored the data from their backups. Unfortunately, the most recent backup was from the 3rd, so my last few posts were not restored.

But, thanks to the redundancy of feeding my blog into Facebook Notes, all I needed to do was do some copy-and-pasting from Facebook into WordPress, and voilà! I’m back in business, as good as new.

Now I can go to sleep. See you!

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