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JISHOU, HUNAN — Yeah, I’m several thousand miles away from my polling place in Floyd County, Indiana, but I still voted. So, you’d better not have lame excuse about not being to get your butt out to vote. Just sayin’.

I’ve been watching the political polls closely for the races in Indiana and Kentucky (and California, for entirely different reasons), and I’m worried.

Let’s say you’re dissatisfied with the Obama administration. I know I am, and I voted for the guy. But look it at this, most of Obama’s problems in getting the things done that he promised to get done have originated in the Party of No — the Republicans. It makes no difference what Obama proposes, the GOP will just say no. Bipartisanship has been officially dead in Washington for so long I’ve forgotten when Democrats and Republicans actually worked together on something to benefit the entire nation, and not just their own party’s chances of re-election.

So, you’re disappointed with Obama. Voting for a Republican will only make Obama’s job even harder, since none of the Repubs running for office have even remotely suggested they will work with the Democrats, only against them. Choosing a Democrat may have the same effect, but at least there’s a chance the newly elected Dem will stick with his party.

Of course, if you didn’t support Obama in 2008, none of the above applies. Consider this, in that case. The mess that Obama inherited — two unsuccessful wars, a major economic crisis and a huge federal deficit, to name a few — were not his doing. Eight years of Republican control of (and Democratic acquiescence in) Washington created that mess, and I have not heard anything from the GOP that suggests they will do things any differently than when G.W. Bush was in office. Voting for a Republican, then, is a step in the wrong direction.

What about the Tea Party candidates, such as Rand Paul? None of them, in my opinion, have any viable, logical, or suitable platform. So it makes me very sad to see Paul leading Conway in the election surveys. Conway may not be the best candidate, but Paul will be a disaster as a Senator. He does not have the best interests of Kentuckians in mind, only some la-de-da adherence to some cockeyed libertarian/Christian ideals. Conway is the lesser of two evils by far.

Louisvillians, re-elect John Yarmuth. ‘Nuff said.

In Indiana, Baron Hill has not done a bad job these last two years. And Brad Ellsworth, the Senate candidate, seems like a good choice to represent the average working guy, though I don’t agree completely with his platform.

I have lived in Indiana and Kentucky most recently, but as for California, I went to school with one of the gubernatorial candidates. Yes, indeed, Margaret Whitman and I not only were classmates from kindergarten through 11th grade (she graduated early), but also attended the same university.

If the polls are correct, Jerry Brown will beat her easily. Good. Nothing personal against Meg, but her campaign platform sucks, and the amount of money she has spent out of her own pocket ($160 million, the last I heard) is scandalous. And she ruined eBay.

No matter what side you’re on, get out and vote. At the very least, you will be able to do something that no Chinese citizen can, at least for the foreseeable future.

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2 thoughts on “I voted. Will you?

  1. Reply Margaret Redmon Nov 3,2010 11:29 am

    yes, I did.

  2. Reply Anne Barton Wittke Nov 4,2010 2:41 am

    I did too.

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