The Chinese “bunny hop,” Allegro andante

JISHOU, HUNAN — I am sure my last post tantalized you so much that you are dying to know more about Gelato, the perpetrators of the “Penguin’s Game” dance. So here are some more details I’ve coaxed out of the Internet.

Gelato is a man-woman duo from the Remini part of Italy. He’s a DJ (and apparently the guy in the penguin get-up) and she a singer/dancer from one of the clubs there. I’m guessing she’s the tall blonde in the black coat with fake-fur trim. They like eating ice cream, so they named their band Gelato. “Penguin’s Game” was their first single, and they also released an album, Vanilla and Chocolate. I still don’t know their names, though.

These info-nuggets come from their record label’s website. SAIFAM of Italy makes “small, anonymous but talentful dance projects,” according to one DJ website.

SAIFAM’s own site says they also produce “fitness music,” the kind of catchy, bouncy music you want to get up and move to. In the immortal words of James Brown, “Get up offa that thing.”

You can sample tracks by Gelato and other groups at the SAIFAM website, and even buy them if you are so moved. SAIFAM has produced literally hundreds of groups, none of which are recognizable to me. Most of what I listened to are the kind of throwaway dance tunes you could hear at a club — nothing truly awesome, but certainly pleasant enough.

It seems Gelato hasn’t made any albums recently — their stuff is mostly out of print. But SAIFAM, like the American Diplomat label of the 1950s, recycles their artists’ work to make “new” albums and compilations.

And fitness music.

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