Another photo of Supernova 2010lt

JISHOU, HUNAN — This Jan. 3 photo is by New Mexico photographer Joseph Brimacombe. The tick marks at 12:00 and 3:00 mark Supernova 2010lt, which was discovered a few days ago by 10-year-old Kathryn Aurora Gray of New Brunswick, Canada. I have made a close-up of SN2010lt from his photo, which appears after the full photo.

Supernova SN 2010LT Narrowfield L - Jan 3

Supernova 2010lt (detail) Photo by Joseph Brimacombe

Supernova 2010lt (detail) Photo by Joseph Brimacombe

The detail shows the “fuzziness” typical of a galaxy, in this case UGC 3378, which is 240 million light-years away from us. The supernova is within the fuzziness (and the same distance from Earth), so it’s part of the galaxy.

Here’s a news report of the discovery I found online.

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