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JISHOU, HUNAN — Back in 2006, a really good Western Kentucky middle school science teacher had to quit her job because someone (a student, it seems) saw her in a porn movie done when she was younger.

She got married, left the Paducah area and found work under a different name in a school in Missouri.

History repeated itself last week. Another student with too much …uh … time … in his hand .. on his hands … put two and two (or something) together, and found out his teacher, Tera Myers of Parkway North High School used to be Tericka Dye of Reidland High School, who once performed in a few porn movies as Rikki Andersin some 15 years ago.

Apparently, the boy approached Myers with this knowledge, and she then went to her superiors, told them what’s what, and asked to be put on administrative leave. They agreed, and she is not in the classroom now.

She should be back in it. From all the reports from her schools, Myers is an excellent teacher, and in Kentucky, was a great volleyball coach, well liked by parents and students. Considering the lack of decent middle school science teachers in the USA, it’s a crime to lose her — again.

I’ve blogged about Myers before. The last post was an update in December 2007 that got several comments. One anonymous commenter, Terri, in October 2009 not only identified Myers, her husband and an (incorrect) school by name, but gave her physical address as well. I redacted everything but her first name and the state. In retrospect, I should have omitted that information, too.

Just five days before Myers asked for leave, another anonymous (chickenshit) commenter, who gave Myers’ school email address, left these remarks, which I didn’t even publish at the time.

This is her.!!!!! she goes by Tera Myers! Science teacher at PArkway North High school in Missouri! Currently working there. Follow the website.

I posted my own comment instead.

March 4, 2011 at 9:25 pm · Edit

Another tipster yesterday gave me information about the purported whereabouts of the former Tericka Dye. As I said before, I am not publishing it. This tipster even used the teacher’s school email address as his own and linked to her school webpage, with the remark, “This is her!!!”

I have no desire to submit Ms. Dye to any more media exposure or public humiliation. Unfortunately, nothing ever goes away on the Internet, and at some point someone somewhere will make the connection between her new identity and the old one. I see no reason why I should make it any easier to blow her cover.

So, if you’re one of those people trying to make her life miserable again, lay off! The porn stuff is years in the past and has no bearing on her life or her career now. She went through enough bullshit already. Leave her alone.

Clearly, the little wanker did not take my advice. I wonder if he was the same kid that did some hands-on research into her porn past.

I’m linking here to a columnist at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who speaks my mind. The persecution of Myers makes me sick. I’ve said all I can say about her, and I’m not blogging about her anymore. If every other blogger does the same thing (as if!), maybe she can find the anonymity she richly needs and deserves, so she can teach somewhere else.

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  1. Reply John Wheaton May 6,2011 12:00 am

    Apparently, a NYC city teacher lost her job recently when she wrote about her former life as a hooker.

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