Funny car sticker: You got the right nozzle?

Got the right nozzle?

Got the right nozzle?

I saw this sticker this weekend over the fuel door of a parked car. The caption reads 力油嘴呢? li you zui ne? and the “+93#” refers to the octane value. Freely translated, it means “You got the right nozzle?”

The car is an Emgrand EC8 (the Chinese name is 帝豪品牌 di hao pinpai — literally, Grand or Heroic Imperial Brand), a luxury marque of the Geely Holding Co. of Zhejiang. Geely is already exporting these cars to the European Union, Africa and Asia, and may soon enter the US market. Geely is best known for buying Volvo from Ford Motor Co. last year.

While I’m on the subject of cars, a few weeks ago I rode in the back seat of a co-worker’s Škoda automobile, which had the roomiest back seat second only to a Checker Cab (or a Hudson Hornet). Škoda is a Czech brand that exports to China and other Asia-Pacific countries, and the UK. His model would be equivalent to a Buick Regal, another popular upscale car in China among those who can’t afford the stratospheric prices of a BMW or a Mercedes.

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