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JISHOU, HUNAN — I’ve belatedly gotten around to allowing readers at the website to share posts with friends using Google+, Facebook and Twitter with three WordPress plugins. The buttons to click will be at the end of each post.

Since all three of these fine services are blocked in China, I need some feedback to see if the buttons look OK and their functions are working. My proxy connection comes and goes randomly.

One of the plugins also allows sharing with services like digg, and reddit. Pardon the dumb question, but in this Facebook-Twitter-Google+ age, does anybody really use those services anymore? I don’t want to clutter things up with lots of superfluous buttons.

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One comment on “Some website tweaks

  1. Reply Darcy Sep 11,2011 3:05 am

    yay! You got buttons! I really only use Facebook, but have a Google+ account that I’ve logged into only once (when I created it). The Facebook button worked fine to “like” it and also to load the part to add a comment. Looks good so far!

    Also, I don’t know anyone who use those other things you’ve mentioned. I don’t even really know what they are. And if they do use those, chances are they have one of the other three. So you’re probably fine where you are now 🙂

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