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JISHOU, HUNAN — Anonymous China (@AnonymousChina) has reportedly defaced more than 480 government and commercial websites in China in the last week, and has published user account information and emails from some.

The attacks are continuing even today. This site was just defaced:

The attacks came from out of the blue, but follow the recent government crackdown on Chinese microblog (weibo) sites, whose users must now reveal their real names to retain their accounts. Six vocal weibo users have been arrested, as well.

As reported by the BBC and ZDNet, Anonymous China dropped its own index page into at least 485 websites across China, beginning the end of March.

Anonymous China deface page

Surprise! Anonymous caught you with your pants down.

AnonymousChina has posted the list of the attacked sites at I did a spot check of some sites, and most were back online and seemingly normal. A few gave error 404 pages or MySQL server errors.

A separate pastebin page (Message from @AnonymousChina – #GlobalRevolution) gives the reasons for the attacks.

Hello, we are Anonymous.
All these years the Chinese Government has subjected their people to unfair laws and unhealthy processes.
People, each of you suffers from tyranny of that regime.

Fight for justice, fight for freedom, fight for democracy!

In the defaces and leaks in this day, we demonstrate our revolt to the Chinese system. It has to stop! We aren’t asking you for nothing, just saying to protest, to revolt yourself, to be the free person you always want to be! So, we are writing this message to tell you that you should protest, you should revolt yourself protesting and who has the skills for hacking and programming and design and other “computer things” come to our IRC: channel: #GlobalRevolution .

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

China itself has been accused of allowing, encouraging or ordering cyber attacks on American and other websites in recent years, which they have officially denied as western propaganda. Now they’re getting some payback from AnonymousChina.

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  1. Reply Darcy May 13,2012 1:55 am

    interesting! wonder if there has been an increase in using whatever people use (sorry, I don’t know the term…) to get over The Great Firewall

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