Edinburgh student creates iTypewriter, a manual interface for iPad


All I can say is, “Why?”

JISHOU, HUNAN — Admit it, oldtimers. You really miss those times of jammed keys, inky fingers and bottles of WiteOut. Forget the iPad, you say, I want my old Smith-Corona back!

Yeah, well, I don’t either.

But these young people nowadays yearn for a simpler time, when all we had were manual typewriters and music that came on black vinyl discs called “LPs.” And so, Austin Yang, a design student at the University of Edinburgh, has prototyped the iTypewriter. Instead of a sheet of paper, you insert your iPad and merrily pound away at those Smith-Corona-like keys.

In a cute way, the concept appeals to me. Though I don’t have an iPad, I do have an Android tablet, and typing on its virtual keyboard takes some getting used to. Even with that handicap, I still think i could type faster without iTypewriter than with it. So, nice idea, but no thanks.

Next up: iSteam, the steam-punk iPad power supply.

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