And Obama wins again.

JISHOU, HUNAN — It’s almost 1 pm here, and between writing exams and caring for a sick friend, I’ve been watching the reports on the election. I am very glad that Barack Obama has been re-elected.

If you’re a Republican and reading this, sorry your candidate lost, but that’s the way it goes. From my cursory glances at the Senate races, it also seems the GOP didn’t do so well there, either.

You need to ask yourselves why. Some of your candidates were too extreme, frankly. They were popular within a certain demographic, but that demographic is apparently not representative of the voting population at large.

As for Mitt Romney, he may have picked up nearly 49% of the popular vote, but that also suggests he was not a strong enough candidate to sway people away from Obama and the Democrats. Maybe if he actually had had a definite platform that he could stick to longer than two hours he might have done better. Or if he had something like, well, sincerity.

Obama’s still got a tough job ahead, with a GOP-controlled House that may try to obstruct him at every chance. I’m hoping, however, that these mule-headed Republicans put aside partisan politics and think about what is best for the nation.

That’s my thoughts right now. Got too many other things to do now to write more.

Mazel tov, America!

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