Another panorama of Jishou University

JSU panorama

Another panoramic view of Jishou University, this time looking east. Click to embiggen.

JISHOU, HUNAN — This is not the same panorama I posted earlier, but maybe it’s more clear. I found it on the Jishou government website, dated December 2011. It’s new enough to show the new dorm just below my apartment building.

The road passing the campus is Renmin Lu 人民路 (People’s Road). Taking it to the left (north) leads to downtown Jishou, ending at the railway station. Taking it to the right (south) leads to the neighboring sister city of Qianzhou, the up-and-coming “new” Jishou. There are orange groves on the mountains above the campus, and nicely paved and well lit footpaths leading to them.

From this angle, you see that my building is just about level with the top of the Premier Building (Building 6, the main classroom building), 16 stories tall. That’s my climb at least twice a day, and doesn’t include the fourth-floor walkup to my flat! The Premier Building is named for Zhu Rongji 朱镕基 (1928 – ), a former premier of the People’s Republic of China and a native of Hunan province.

Most of the other white buildings clustered around the track and canteen are dormitories and faculty housing. One girls’ dorm sits left of the gym (foreground). To the right of the gym are an administration building and the school hospital.

The Jishou Sports Centre is not part of the university. It’s a municipal facility and sometimes hosts exhibition games by NBA players and CBA (China Basketball Association) players.

That’s the end of the tour today. Thanks for coming by!

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