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JISHOU, HUNAN — I walk a lot. I don’t have a car here, or a Chinese driver’s license, and the campus is compact enough I don’t need a bike. So I walk.

I got a cheap little pedometer on my last visit to the States, but I dropped it two days after arriving here, so it’s a goner. Then I realized “there’s an app for that,” so I installed a step counter on my Android phone.

Today I was exceptionally walkative. I had classes in the morning, afternoon and evening, so I was in and out of my mountain aerie three times. (I live halfway up a large hill, or small mountain. My apartment is about level with the 16th floor of the main classroom building at the bottom of the hill.)

So, here’s today’s stats. 5,781 steps, 3.3 km (about 2 miles). If the app is to be trusted, I did this walking within 41 minutes, for an average speed of 5 km/hr or 3 mph. That seems a little high, considering it was about 95 degrees today, so I wasn’t doing my usual New York strut.

Those outings included one round trip to my morning classes, one round trip to a tutorial downtown (not including bus transport) and a trip to the supermarket, and one round trip to my evening classes with faculty preparing for study and research abroad. Most of my days are not that walkative; today was on the high side.

Not exactly a 5K run (my daughter is preparing for one), but pretty good exercise nonetheless.

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One comment on “Fun with my step counter app

  1. Reply Darcy Jun 20,2013 2:39 am

    Ha…what’s funny is that we were given a pedometer from work and I wore it religiously for the 6 week period of time. Even with running some of those days, I don’t think I ever got about 8000 steps for the entire day. 10,000 steps was the goal. Granted, for any activity other than a walk you were supposed to convert the time so it was a more accurate measure of steps…and I was too lazy for that. But I’m sure 100% you get around WAY more than I ever do! I am really looking forward to the Color Run next month tho 🙂

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