They have no shame: Calif. GOP makes fake healthcare website

JISHOU, HUNAN — Taking a page from the Kim Jong-Il Manual of Public and Media Manipulation, Republican members of the California Assembly created pamphlets and an entire website to mislead people about the Affordable Care Act and health insurance.

As reported at Crooks and Liars, the assembly members sent “helpful” mailings to their constituents offering advice about signing up for health insurance, with just one little problem.

..[T]hey don’t direct those people to to sign up. Instead, they send them to their own astroturf version at the URL

Visitors to the fake website are then misled about their options under the ACA (also known as Obamacare), told only about the penalties in not signing up and not about the benefits — basically, a pack of lies.

What is it about these Republicans? They are sore losers who never had a decent hand and are now trying to stack the deck — and they’re not even dealing the cards!

Congress passed the ACA, President Barack Obama signed, and it became law. The insurance exchanges are in operation in many states (except in those states controlled by Republicans dead set on destroying the system from the inside) and hundreds of thousands of people have already got their new insurance plans. The horses have left the barn, and the GOP is still trying to figure out how to close the barn doors.

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