A new writing gig

JISHOU, HUNAN — A feller approached me the other day about writing for his blog, Better Off Bitcoin. Unpaid, but it’s exposure, so I took Justin Hawley up on the offer.

So far, I’ve written only two blogs there. One is cribbed from a post I wrote here, Moving Money the Modern Way, and another I just penned today, Why I Bitcoin. I got more than 330 hits on the first one, not bad for my first run.

One reader noticed that I’ve been posting pages at Little Green Footballs. I started that a few months ago, whenever I caught something interesting I wanted to share there. It’s not exactly blogging — more like clipping and commenting — but I find some items don’t suit this blog very well. LGF gives me another venue to share my thoughts.

I’ve written diairies at The Daily Kos in the past, but so much this past year. It seems I can only keep up with one political blog at a time, and Daily Kos has too much stuff going on for me to keep up with. Maybe I’ll write there again soon, if the muse visits me.

The feeds from here to Twitter and Facebook seem to be behaving themselves again.

Today I intend to begin writing a how-to about Bitcoin and associated currencies. I’m still on winter holiday. Just one week to go before classes resume. So, time to write like crazy!

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