Comparing Jishou 2007 and Jishou 2014

Here’s a view from atop my apartment building, taken in September 2007 by Kannan Puthuval, a previous foreign English teacher. (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Click the link below to see the full resolution.

Panorama of Jishou 2007

Super-duper size.

And here’s same view, taken by me just yesterday. Click the image to embiggen, or the link below to see the full resolution..


Super-duper size.

The two vantage points are approximately the same. I think Kannan was standing farther from the southwest corner of the roof than I was by maybe 1 meter (3 feet). We’re looking southwest to northwest.

You should be able to pick out buildings common to both images. You can also see several new buildings both on the campus and just outside it, as well as new homes on the hills west of campus. The dormitory in the foreground went up just three years ago. Also the tree at far right in the 2007 image has grown tall enough to obscure the view toward the north. The tree is not visible in my shot.

Jishou has grown some in seven years.

For the shutterbugs reading this, I created the panorama with four separate shots stitched together with a free tool, Microsoft Image Composite Editor. All I needed to do was load the four JPEGS into the ICE, and it spliced them together in a jiffy. I used a Nikon D60 with Nikkor 24-85mm ED lens at 28 mm, ASA 100, f/8 at 1/250 sec. I stood in one place, and squeezed off the shots as I turned to the right, making sure there was plenty of overlap between each image.

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