Fenghuang flooded after three days of torrential rain

JISHOU, HUNAN — The ancient quarter of Fenghuang, an hour’s drive from here, is underwater now after the Tuo River overflowed its banks after three days of heavy rain.

The shopping district is closed to tourists, and power is out in most of the city along the river. I haven’t heard reports of any casualties.

I was just there last week, and everything was normal.

Here are some photos obtained from Baidu News.

The new walking bridge over the Tuo River.

Residents near the shopping streets

Water has flooded the second storeys of buildings on the riverside.

We are expecting more rain the rest of this week. The campus here in Jishou has some minor flooding around Fengyu Lake, but I am high and dry in my mountain aeyrie. So, I’m OK.

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