Wonkette’s Doktor Zoom cites me — twice!

JISHOU, HUNAN — So, yesterday, I wrote an angry post to follow up on the previous day’s angry post about a right-wing witch hunt that killed a worthwhile children’s facility in Weslaco, Texas.

Yesterday’s post was to reply to demands from the witch hunters that people like me, who were calling attention to their lies and deceptions, offer them “serious apologies” and retractions. Little Green Footballs and Wonkette were mentioned by name, while I was lumped in with “others.”

Charles Johnson at LGF offered a one-word reply to apologize: No.

Doktor Zoom at Wonkette has a longer reply, which to my surprise, mentions me twice.

As to the much larger lie in the story, the notion that the facility was going to be a “luxury resort” that would preserve all of the amenities of an operating motel, as listed on its website, Taylor explains that lie away with all the charm and sincerity of a Milo Minderbinder:

It is not our fault the currently open Palm Aire Hotel and Suites advertises (with eye-catching photographs) it has large beautiful swimming pools, Jacuzzis, saunas, tennis courts, racquet ball courts and a spacious exercise room with 20 machines and free weights.

Well, actually, as John Wheaton notes in his reply at LGF,

Yes, it is entirely your fault, because nowhere in your article do you point out that BCFS was planning to renovate the facility, which would mean all the “luxury resort” amenities would be gone. (Hint: the Palm Aire is a 3-star tourist hotel, NOT a resort.) No, instead, you implied (falsely) that the immigrants were going to be housed in a luxury resort worth $50 million, paid for entirely with government funds. That’s certainly what your screaming headline would lead the casual reader to conclude.

Read more at http://wonkette.com/554558/stupidest-men-on-internet-demand-apology-from-wonket-here-it-is#OIjShs6XzLl1KsIp.99

And at the end of this post, Doktor Zoom signs his real name (Marty Kelly), saying if John Wheaton can do it, so can I.

Meanwhile, the crack(pipe) bloggers at The Gateway Pundit have not said one word to me about my post, which appeared at LGF and here, and got a couple thousand views. I was expecting at least some smartass remarks on Twitter.

Hey, Messrs Hoft and Taylor! If you were serious about demanding an apology, and didn’t get one, how come now you’re so quiet, hm?

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