Correcting a Facebook post: the drummer girl is from Taiwan, not S Korea 3

The video in question:

JISHOU, HUNAN — So, while I was noodling on Facebook last month in the USA, I came across this video of a young street performer playing a mean drum cover. I was impressed, so I shared it on my timeline.

The originator of the post said she’s Korean, which I found out today is wrong.

The drummer is 羅小白 Luó xiǎo bái, who goes by the stage name S. White (小白 xiǎo bái), 20. She’s from Taipei, Taiwan, not South Korea. Here’s her Facebook page.

[ADDENDUM. Hold the phone, Al! Commenter Jim Shreve has pointed out that both the original poster of this video and I probably have misidentified this drummer. First of all, I had her Chinese name wrong — now corrected — and worse yet, now I am pretty sure Jim is right and the drummer is not S. White, but her buddy, Vela Blue, the stage name of Chén MànQīng 陈曼青.]

Here the same drummer performing another cover. The OP identifies her as S. White, but now I think she’s really Vela Blue.

This one is definitely S.White performing.

S. White and Vela Blue (who now has blue hair) sometimes perform together. Vela Blue, 26, also has some good chops on the drums. Here’s her Facebook page.

Here’s the two of them performing together. Vela is on the left.

I notice both Xiao Bai and Vela Blue have the same right hand drumstick twirl.

Jim linked to this better quality video of the two performing. Take a look at all these, and tell me if the girl in the first two vids is Vela Blue or S. White.

Meanwhile, since I follow both of them on Instagram, I may just ask them myself to clear it all up.

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3 thoughts on “Correcting a Facebook post: the drummer girl is from Taiwan, not S Korea

  1. Reply Juan De La Cruz Feb 24,2015 10:55 am

    Seen them I love them both

  2. Reply Jim Shreve Apr 10,2017 6:34 pm

    Juan, I still believe you got the video mixed up, your top video is of Chen Man Quig aka Vela Blue, they look very similar and play very similar you can watch them side by side and see the difference. They are both from Taiwan about the same age but S. White looks a couple of years older, they both were glasses, I think S. White’s are presciption and Blue’s are a fashion statement plus ware their hair in a pony tail and sing along and twirl their drumsticks and both ware shorts a lot. White hits the drums harder and makes bigger arm movements, Blue is more subtle and timing seems to be more stylized. Watch the attached link to see them side by side and you will see why many get them mixed up. Jim Shreve Here is the video that shows you her name.

  3. Reply eljefe Apr 12,2017 12:12 pm

    S. White is identified in both the top videos, so I was relying on the OP to identify her. But now that you point it out, the performer in top two videos does look like VelaBlue — note she is wearing the same clothes in each one. Now VelaBlue has blue hair, so the two are easier to tell apart. Thanks for the tip.

    Also, I noticed my VelaBlue video link is broken. So, I’ve added a new one AND put in a couple by Xiao Bai.

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