The first trailer of my ‘big’ movie debut 2

Love at First Sight 2JISHOU, HUNAN — Back in September, I was called upon to play the part of a foreign visitor to Xiangxi Prefecture in a movie, 《一次性爱上2》 (Yi Ci Xing Ai Shang 2 — Love at First Sight 2)*. The first trailer for this “micro-movie,” a 45-minute web-only production, has just been released. Unfortunately, there’s no embedding options, so here’s the LINK.

The link will take you a Chinese video sharing site. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see it with no troubles. Meanwhile, I’ll try to download it and see if I can host from my own site or post it on YouTube.

There are no English subtitles yet, but there’s not much dialogue in the trailer, anyway. It’s a movie about romance, drama, spectacular scenery and the love of music.

* Interestingly enough, the Chinese phrase 一次性爱上 can be translated as “Love at First Sight,” but it can also be used to describe a one-night stand or a sexual escapade. This second possibility led to some interesting comments from my Chinese Internet friends. I had to assure them I was not acting in a porn movie, which, by the way, are illegal in China. So, I figure they were not thinking through the concept very carefully.

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2 thoughts on “The first trailer of my ‘big’ movie debut

  1. Reply James Nov 14,2014 11:43 am

    I can’t get the video to show. I even turned off muh AdBlock! Got some nice video advertisements though.

  2. Reply eljefe Nov 14,2014 2:26 pm

    The ads are unavoidable. They’re part of the business model for China’s video sites. It should play the video, AFAIK. I downloaded the video, but it’s in a proprietary format, so I can’t upload to YouTube. Grrr! Try visiting my QQ Zone: The video is embedded there. I think it’ll play in Facebook, too.

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