Just in case you want to tip me

JISHOU, HUNAN — At the bottom of each post, just above the AddThis sharing bar, is a tiny Coinbase tip button. Click it to send me a Bitcoin tip.

Also, I can also accept tips on my Twitter feed with @Tippercoin, or you can scan this QR code with your smartphone wallet to send Bitcoin to me.



The other ways to donate to Wheat-dogg’s World are still in place, by way of PayPal, Bitcoin or Litecoin. Follow the link or take a gander in the right-hand column.

And, if you shop on Amazon through this website, I get a little money, too.

The Google ads have netted me $15 so far this year. Personally, I hate websites that run obtrusive ads that foul up pageload times and layouts, so I’ve deliberately avoided using any other click-through campaigns other than Google Ads. No “one weird trick” ads here. I promise.

All donations will be cheerfully accepted. Thanks!

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