Jishou girl, 15, has M5b leukemia, needs financial help

Liu Fu Rong 刘芙蓉, 15, of Longshan county

Liu Fu Rong 刘芙蓉, 15, of Longshan county

JISHOU, HUNAN — Today I attended a benefit performance that raised about $4,000 for a young Jishou resident, Liu FuRong 刘芙蓉, 15. A dance student, she was diagnosed with acute monocytic leukemia last month, and is now in a Beijing hospital undergoing chemotherapy.

Her family is quite poor, so her performing arts high school organized a benefit to raise money for her medical care. Besides aggressive chemotherapy, she also needs type O blood and a bone marrow transplant.

They raised 24,000 RMB (about $4,000) today toward expected treatment costs of 1,000,000 RMB.

I am working on getting the information for international wire transfers to her benefit fund, in case anyone in the USA or elsewhere wants to donate.

FuRong is a student of a friend of mine, an English teacher at the Xiangxi State National Arts School 州民族艺术学校 (zhou minzu yishu xuexiao). This is a senior high school for non-college preparatory students.

I’ve never met FuRong. From her photos, pre-leukemia, she looks to be an energetic and bubbly girl. Certainly, her classmates and teachers love her, and organized today’s dance performances outside the BuBuGao Mall downtown.

My phone’s battery died, and I didn’t have my camera with me, so this photo from the first dance is the only one I have to offer.

Students of Xiangxi Performing Arts College give a benefit for Liu FuRong

Students of Xiangxi Performing Arts College give a benefit for Liu FuRong

This TV report is in Chinese, but you can see FuRong, her mom and dad, and her school. It’s from Dec. 25, before her 15th birthday. She was moved from Jishou to Changsha, and then to Beijing on Jan. 4. The news report is a plea for Type O blood donations.

Hunan TV report, Dec. 25, 2014

[I can’t embed the video, as it is in a proprietary format. China’s media sites now how to protect against piracy. Ahem.]

Here’s a translation of the text message my friend, Miss Rong, sent out a couple of days ago.

A family is in pain because of expensive medical bills for their daughter. She is in the State National Arts School, Liu Furong, entering class of 2013, Class 2.

Liu Furong’s classmates and neighbors say she usually outgoing and helpful, a serious student. In the eyes of her teachers and fellow students, she is a good kid and partner. But such a vivid and lovely life has been played a cruel joke by fate. On December 4, 2014, because of fever and haemorrhaging, Liu Furong was sent to the State National Hospital. The diagnosis was not very ideal, so on December 7, 2014, Liu Furong was moved to the State Peoples Hospital, and at noon today, was sent to Changsha. Liu Furong was diagnosed with acute monocytic leukaemia M5b. Surgery, chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant treatment will cost on average about one million yuan [$167,000]. She was born in a rural area in Xiche, Longshan County. For her parents, who are working outside the home [as migrant workers], this is an astronomical figure. In addition, on December 10, Furong’s grandfather died suddenly of a cerebral haemorrhage.

M5b is one of the more dangerous forms of leukaemia, but the hope of a cure is still not small. We don’t want such a vibrant life to disappear in front of our eyes, we are not content that a child of less than 15 years old, in the flower of her youth — we don’t want to lose an excellent student.
Furong needs a lot of blood (O), needs a match for a bone marrow transplant, needs to cover the cost of treatment. We hope to provide assistance to help these good people.

She then provided details about today’s benefit performance.

If you have a Chinese bank account, you can send donations by interbank transfer using these details.
Name of account holder: 刘卫军
Name of bank: 中国工商银行
Receiving bank account number: 6212 2619 1500 0939 833
Account holder’s phone number: 13787902654

These details were on the program for the benefit performance. The phone numbers at the bottom are for the two teachers organizing the benefit, Teacher Zhou and my friend Teacher Rong.


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