This week in America’s drive for excellence: Oklahoma to defund AP US History

Once again, the College Board AP program is under attack, this time in Oklahoma. Legislators there think the AP US History program is just like the Common Core — a pernicious influence on tender young American minds who will not learn that America is The Greatest Nation of All Time.

So, state Rep. Dan Fisher (R-Nutjob) wants to defund the AP US History program. It’s another great step in making American exceptional, but in the wrong way.

The Tulsa World has this report of a committee hearing about education funding:

During discussion and debate, however, it was suggested that AP courses are similar to Common Core, in that they could be construed as an attempt to impose a national curriculum on American schools.

It was also suggested that AP courses violate the legislation approved last year that repealed Common Core, with state Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, saying she has asked the state Attorney General’s Office for a ruling on the matter.

That legislation gives sole control of curriculum and assessment to the state, although it was not immediately clear whether the requirement applies to all courses or only to required courses.

Last year, conservative educators in Colorado also attacked the UP US History program for similar lockstep reasons, prompting a mass walkout by students and teachers. Think Progress reports similar efforts to gut the program are active in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Aside from their morbid fear of a national curriculum, conservatives claim the AP US History is “ideological,” because it doesn’t teach their ideology of American Exceptionalism. Oh, think of the children!

Since the course is intended to enable high school students to earn college credit, it’s supposed to teach them how to analyze and weigh different explanations for historical events and trends. Conservatives want the program to teach their more simple-minded concept that, by God’s grace, America is better than any other nation in history, and has never depended on any other nation for its success.

Like France, who helped the USA win the Revolutionary War.

But I digress.

They say they don’t want a national curriculum, but in fact these arch-conservatives do want a national curriculum, as long as it’s their national curriculum.

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