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Will Tang XiongLue

Will Tang XiongLue

studentChinese kungfu has a very long history. During the last 5,000 years of China’s history, there have been many people who are good at Chinese kungfu, such as 张三丰 (Zhang Sanfeng),李小龙 (Li XiaoLong – Bruce Lee), 李连杰 (Li LianJie – Jet Li), 成龙 (Cheng Long – Jackie Chan),甄子丹 (Yen ZiDan – Donnie Yen), to name a few.

When I was a child, I watched Bruce’s movies and every day wondered, “When will it be my turn to do that?”

My Dad told me with a laugh, “Do you know how many Bruce Lees there are in the world? One! Only one!” I know that he wished that I live a peaceful life – grow up smoothly, find a good job, get married and bring up children. However, I have my dream to become the dragon (龙 means dragon in Chinese) like Bruce Lee who was great at kungfu.

As the old saying goes, “The one who knows a son the best is his father.”

“Hey, son! Why do you insist on learning kungfu?” my dad asked me once.

“I want to be a famous kungfu star!”

“No, it’s not that! Be sensible, please!”

“Um, I want to be a stronger man!”

“OK, you should remember the real benefits you’ll get from kungfu, both physically and mentally.”

“Of course, Dad! I will.”

So, every week over these many years, I have kept the habits of doing exercises, such as running, leg presses, sit-ups, etc. As a result, I have been gaining lots of benefits from Chinese kungfu.

1. Physical

At present, my height is 1.83 m. I think if I didn’t keep running everyday, I would be no more than 1.80 m. A study shows that a Chinese teenager can grow up to 1.72 m normally. If he/she has the habit to work out every day, he/she will be grow up to 1.76 m. That’s to say – exercise can make kids add another 3~5 cm to their height. Learning Chinese kungfu is the best choice.

I can feel the powerful blood in my heart; it helps me wake up early in the morning, and sleep well At night. What’s more, I like to do some heavy work, such as carry bricks or clean rooms. All this can make me more diligent.

Last but not at least, my body is becoming more strong and perfect.

2. Mental health and thoughts

In our daily lives, sometimes when you stand out too much, many people won’t talk to you. You have to learn talk with yourself, to encourage yourself mentally so you don’t feel bad.

Until I was a freshman in college, I was very shy and I almost spent all my free time learning Chinese Kungfu. When I was a sophomore, I only had one good friend and never visited bar or KTVs (karaoke clubs). At the beginning of junior year, I decided to change this boring situation and be good at talking. Nothing can stop me, because I am good at kungu and am ready to welcome all kinds of challenges.

Socrates said, “Everyone has a sun in its heart, only if the sun can shine.” When I feel tired, I would close my eyes and begin to think: “What am I doing? What I have learned before? Did I make a difference to the people around me?”

The benefits of kungfu are huge to human beings. I will always keep learning kungfu, because it can keep me healthy in body and wealthy in thoughts. I have been benefiting so much from kungfu, and I want to take a further step, that is, to take part in a boxing movie as a hero. I’ll try my best. Opportunities are waiting for those people who are ready to take action. I am ready exactly.

I am already 24 years old now, if I can’t make it within the following two years, I could choose to go back to a normal life. As my friend, Catherine, says, “I only want to live and work in a simple way, not much else.” But I will absolutely not give up my kungfu dream, because it keeps me healthy in body and mind.

As the quote goes, “Dreams are one of those things that keep you going and happy!”

Will Tang XiongLue (唐雄略)
May 2nd 2015

Will Tang is a member of the graduating class of 2015 at Jishou University and currently has an internship with a company in Dongguan, Guangdong province.

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  1. Reply Aleksei Maide May 20,2015 2:53 am

    Wow, never considered that Kung Fu could help you grow taller 🙂 Nice point there!

  2. Reply Ricardo Kroc Jul 1,2015 1:25 pm

    You have so nicely share your experience regarding Chinese Kung Fu. It is a single thing but helps to do various changes like- analytical, societal and behavioral.

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