Chinese entrepreneurs create Uniqlo sex video T-shirts

[UPDATE Dec. 5, 2016: Google AdSense flagged the images I included in this report as violations of AdSense policy, though none of them are particularly objectionable as they have appeared on a Chinese shopping site. Whatever. I’ve removed the photos but left the links up. Click at your own peril.]

T-shirt 1

In a move sure to upset both Uniqlo’s PR department and China’s overanxious censors, several entrepreneurs are selling T-shirts commemorating the now-famous Uniqlo sex video.

The video, which was shot by a young couple in a Beijing clothing store fitting room, hit the Internet last week and has sent China’s censors scrambling to wipe it off the Internet and Uniqlo spokesmen to deny the company had any part in the activity.

Beijing police have arrested five people, including the couple, they say were involved in the video. The couple are both university students, although it remains to be seen how long that status will last.

Following up on something I read in The Guardian, I visited and found several merchants marketing T-shirts ranging in price from 28.80 RMB ($4.60) — shown at left — to a princely 85.00 RMB ($13.78) for one with a hand drawn picture.

Here’s a selection.

T-shirt 2, which omits the racy photograph and merely says: “Tonight, I’m in SanLiTun [shopping district] Uniqlo, waiting for you. PS: You’re not allowed to bring your cellphone!” Also 28.80 RMB.

This one is 78.80 RMB ($12.50) and just plain ugly. I’m not sure if the man is hairy or is part tree.

This top-of-the-line garment is hand drawn and goes for 85.00 RMB ($13.68). “Made for life” is Uniqlo’s slogan.

There are supposedly others that sport the Chinglish motto, “Make love in everywhere,” but I couldn’t find them on Taobao. Another has the same image as the one featured up top, but adds several photos of the lovebirds culled from their social media accounts. I couldn’t find those, either.

Officials are fuming about the video and cluck-clucking about the loose morals of the young and their violation of socialist principles, China’s population seems more amused than annoyed at the video. The Uniqlo outlet in the Sanlitun district that inadvertently hosted the sexy couple has become somewhat of a shrine, as tourists pose in front of the store for photos. Some imitate the position of the couple for their photos, but wisely with their clothes on. Beijing police are monitoring the store.

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