Beijing fashion comes to Jishou

Astrid Q models her sprout

Astrid Q models her sprout

Over the summer, trendy Beijingers were spotted about town sporting plastic sprouts and flowers clipped to their hair. No special meaning. Just a fun thing.

My first sighting of this latest fashion statement was last week, when one of my sophomores, Astrid Q (pictured), wore one to class. “Stylish!” I said.

Astrid Q hails from Hengyang, the second-largest city in Hunan. Her goal is to attend graduate school, preferably in the UK or the USA. Her English is already pretty good.

The Q in her name is to distinguish her from another student, Astrid R, who is from Inner Mongolia. Both Astrids came to Jishou U with their English names already chosen, and by chance, they have the same surname, Zhao, and the same first initial. Not wanting to force them into new English names, I used their second given names for their initials.

I will admit to thinking of Maggie Q at the time.

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