Global warming could cut my old neighborhood off from the rest of Long Island

The image above comes from You can put in your zip code or city name, and see how rising sea levels would affect that area. So, I put in 11743 (Huntington, Long Island, NY) and scrolled over to the Causeway. People from Lloyd Harbor and Lloyd Neck know what it is, but for everyone else, it’s a narrow strip of land, barely wide enough for a two-laner, connecting Lloyd Neck at the top to the rest of Long Island at the bottom.

Judging from the predicted sea levels, the Causeway would be under water, as would parts of Lloyd Harbor Road, and Lloyd Neck could become an island.

Of course, local government and homeowners could afford to raise the road, or build a retaining wall to keep Oyster Bay and Huntington Bay from surrounding the Neck. It would be expensive, but feasible.

Now consider what happens in other parts of the world where people don’t have the capital to protect their homes from rising sea levels. They will lose their homes and will need to relocate inland.

If you scroll northward, some homes in Fiddlers Green would be underwater, too.

Global warming is happening, whether you want to believe it or not. Slowing or halting its effects is still possible, but only if everyone understands the consequences of doing nothing.

Here are some more images to make the predicted effects more obvious. First, here is Lloyd Neck as it appears now.



And here is its predicted shoreline if the waters of Long Island Sound rise further.



Pretty dramatic difference, if you ask me.

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