Another Malaysia trip SIDEBAR: North Borneo Railway videos

There are the videos I took on the North Borneo Railway steam excursion Feb 13. I was trying to capture the sounds of the experience, as well as the operation of the locomotive. I have omitted the rather long video of the locomotive on the turntable, as it’s fairly easy to imagine what it looks like. The engine backs in, get turned around 180 degrees, backs out.

I took the first video with my cellphone, and the others with my camera, a Nikon D3300. YouTube did the conversions.

Looking out the window as the scenery passes by. You can hear the engine’s whistle as we approach road crossings.

A view of the Vulcan Foundry 2-6-2 as we prepare to leave. The crew has been stoking the firebox to build up steam for the last few hours.

On arrival at Papar, the final destination, passengers disembark, while the engine crew disconnect the locomotive from the front of the train, pull onto a siding, and back the engine onto the turntable.

With the locomotive facing the other way, the crew has filled it up with water and is now ready to move it to the other end of the train for the return trip.

Finally, the crew backs up the engine slowly to ever so gently reconnect to the carriages. Watch the young boy motion them back toward the end of the video.

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