Animation shows #Bitcoin transactions happening in real time

Cubes are blocks of transactions, balls are individual Bitcoin exchanges

Cubes are blocks of transactions, balls are individual Bitcoin exchanges

If you don’t pay attention to the Bitcoin world, you probably aren’t aware how active the Bitcoin system (other known as the blockchain) is. Now there’s an app for that.

It won’t fit on your phone, but a web visualization at (screencap above) will show you in real time what the Bitcoin world is doing

After a rough-and-tumble beginning that saw Bitcoin prices soar to more than $1,000 from a measly $1, the computer-based currency has settled into a more settled dollar-exchange zone between $300 and $500 as it has become more widely used.

Each cube represents a block of transactions within the Bitcoin shared ledger, the blockchain. The balls represent individual Bitcoin transactions, with different colors representing the size of the exchanges. Reds — representing transactions up to 1 BTC ($420 at this moment) — are the most common, but blues (100 – 1000 BTC) are pretty frequent, too, suggesting some users with deep pockets are using Bitcoin. Click on a ball to see the exact amount displayed on the right.

If the sound effects get on your nerves, click the mute button at upper right to quiet things down.

The project is part of the WebGL project, and uses Java and real time data from the blockchain to generate the animation. The developer suggests using the Google Chrome browser for best results, but it works fine with Opera, too.

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