Careful, Chinese ladies, that handsome foreigner you love might be a spy 1

But if you're also a spy, maybe it's OK

But if you’re also a spy, maybe it’s OK

JISHOU, HUNAN — The Beijing government is warning its female workers that the next dashing foreigner wooing them could be a spy.

For National Security Education Day, which apparently is a new thing here, the government has placed cartoon posters warning the ladies that handsome wàiguórén (foreigners) might be after more than just charming dinner conversation or Chinese lessons.

No, they don’t mean sex. They mean state secrets, which if every state worker has access to, China has a bigger problem than “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

The 16-panel cartoon, entitled “Dangerous Love” (危险的爱情 wēi xiǎn de ài qíng) tells the tragic story of Xiao Li, a pretty civil servant who falls for a “visiting scholar.” After he woos here with roses, dinner and probably pirated copies of banned TV shows, she inexplicably gives him secret state documents.

They are soon arrested, and the final panels feature police scolding a handcuffed Xiao Li for having a “shallow understanding” of secrecy. Readers are left to imagine what happens to Xiao Li and her lover-spy next. It won’t be pleasant.

There is no equivalent poster warning male workers of sultry Mata Haris exchanging sexual favors for state secrets. Apparently, the Party bosses assume the men are way smarter than the women. LOL

Here’s the poster. China Law Translate has the panel-by-panel translation.

The old "Are you keeping secrets from me?" line works every time

The old “Are you keeping secrets from me?” line works every time

And for the record ladies, I am not a spy.

However, if you are Michelle Yeoh, I’ll be whatever you want me to be.

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One comment on “Careful, Chinese ladies, that handsome foreigner you love might be a spy

  1. Reply Alyosha Apr 20,2016 6:40 pm

    ‘I am not a spy.’
    That’s right, deny everything.

    Nice 😉

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