Censors tell Internet sensation, comedienne Papi Jiang to clean up her act

Papi Jiang, who actually did not say this in the video

Papi Jiang, who actually did not say this in the video

JISHOU, HUNAN — A wildly popular Youku and Weibo star, Papi Jiang, has had most of her videos pulled off China’s Internet sites, because state censors say she swears too much.

Most of her videos are now missing, though they survive in their original form on her YouTube channel.

Papi, whose full name is Jiang Yilei, is a 29-year-old student at Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama. Her videos mocking everyday situations have attracted millions of views on Youku (China’s version of YouTube) and Weibo (a Twitter-like microblog without that damnable 140-character limit). She’s so popular that she got more than $2 million in venture capital to expand her comedy enterprise.

But, her tart tongue ran afoul of China’s media censors, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT), who told her to edit her videos to take out the salty language. It’s part of the state’s efforts to “beautify” the Internet. (That’s official state Chinese for “censor.”)

Papi posted on her website and Weibo account that the videos will reappear once she sanitizes them. She also apologized for offending anyone.

“As a person from the media, I will pay more attention to my words and images. I will correct my own mistakes or shortcomings in time, in order to allow myself to move forward in a better direction.”


She mentioned “卧槽” (wòcáo — I’m fucked! or Fuck me!), 小婊子 (xiǎobiǎozi — little whore) and CAO (fuck) as words she would have to remove.

Here’s a sample of Papi in action. “When the woman says ‘It’s OK,’ what the hell is she talking about?”

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