Twin Chinese girls separated as babies reunited on Good Morning America

Twins Audrey Doering (left) and Gracie Rainsberry were separated at 15 months, reunited two days ago on Good Morning America

TOKYO, JAPAN — In 2007 two baby girls from Jiangxi province, China, each with medical issues, were given up by their birth parents for adoption to the same orphanage.

It seems their birth parents brought them to the children’s home separately, which apparently led the orphanage to assume they were not related, despite looking like identical twins.

Twins who were each adopted by American families, and who each never knew she had a twin until last month.

Jennifer Doering wanted to give her daughter, Audrey, 10, a special Christmas gift — some information about her past. After some online sleuthing, Jennifer found a photo of baby Audrey sitting next to a mirror-image of herself.

Even more sleuthing, and she located Gracie Rainsberry, Audrey’s twin and the daughter of Scott and Nicole Rainsberry.

Though the two girls did some FaceTiming together, they had not met face-to-face until two days ago, in front of a nationwide audience on Good Morning America. Watch and make sure you have some tissues handy.

The GMA team arranged for the families to do up New York City right with tickets to see the stage production of School of Rock and dinner at Planet Hollywood, and even threw in airline tickets to visit each other later on.

More details at the links:
Tri-City Herald of Kennewick, WA
GMA via Yahoo News

I wrote about orphans and abandoned children in China in 2013. The photos were lost in a server crash. I’ll reinstate them from backups when I return to Jishou next month.

And yes, the dateline means I am in Tokyo on vacation. I’ll write about that separately.

Also, as an aside, my dad had a cousin who lived in Kennewick. No relation (I think) to the Doerings.

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