Epilogue to my Bitcoin dilemma: I got my money back

JISHOU, HUNAN — So, after three telephone calls and four chat sessions on Huobi’s customer service chat window, I finally got my 500 yuan ($73) deposit back two weeks after I sent it. All is well now.

I won’t bother you with all the details, but bank-to-bank transfers in China are persnickety affairs. The sender has to specify the exact bank branch at which the recipient opened his or her account. And my branch at the university is a sub-branch of another branch, so the system was not allowing the transfer to go through. Or something.

Anyway, I got my money back. I am still unable to bind my bank card at Huobi without a national ID number, so obtaining Bitcoin using Huobi or BTCChina, despite my previous relationships with them, is impossible for the foreseeable future.

In education news, I am spending this weekend recreating my lesson plans and syllabi for courses I taught in 2014-15 to submit to the college.

Why, you ask?

Well, the college needs to get accreditation (if that’s what it’s called here) from the provincial education bureau. To get it, each instructor has to provide detailed lesson plans and syllabi for courses taught in the 2014-15 school year. Why that year, I cannot say.

Now, this task would not be especially onerous if any of the following were not true:

  1. I threw away my notebooks and planners for those courses over the summer, because I didn’t need them (or so I thought).
  2. My backups of the pertinent computer files are incomplete.
  3. We switched to new texts last fall, so my current plans and whatnot are useless.
  4. And until now, no one ever insisted I submit such detailed plans, so the college never got them from me for 2014-15 or any other year.

Today I recreated my plans for two terms of Oral English. Tomorrow, I’ll do the same for the listening course. Then, I have to write all of it down in the required booklets for submission to the college on Monday. Not difficult, but rather tedious.


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