My first month on my account is worth more than $260!

Not enough to quit my day job, but it’s a start!

JISHOU, HUNAN — Last month, I wrote that I had signed up for an account on, a new blogging/discussion platform that rewards writers and commenters with tokens called Steem Power and Steem Dollars (SBD). These in turn can be exchanged for regular money (US dollars, for example) or for other kinds of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

Well, after a month, my Steemit wallet is now worth about $263. Not super impressive, but still more than I have earned from this blog during its decade-long existence.

I really need to talk to HR about my pay.

Steemit users earn whenever readers upvote (aka “like”) their content. Some prolific authors, such as Chinese travel writer sweetsssj, earn hundreds of dollars for each post. My biggest reward so far has been much more modest: just shy of $35.

Yes, I spilled the beans first on Steemit, so my students wouldn’t see it

But Steemit users also are paid “curation rewards” — for reposting others’ content. The amount of the reward depends on the original post’s value and on the reposter’s Steem Power. Essentially, Steem Power is a measure of a user’s influence on the platform. More Steem Power means more curation rewards.

So, you can earn money by posting, commenting and reposting (re-steeming). Here’s my tally for the last few days at right.

If I could spend all day on Steemit, I could probably earn more curation rewards. If I could get into a more regular posting habit (here and on Steemit) I could probably be earning much more than $260 a month. In fact, the weekend after I got the news my teaching days in Jishou were over, I even contemplated making Steemit my full-time job. Nothing inspires hard work more than the prospect of starvation, after all.

That might yet come to pass — the writing, not the starving. For now, though, I’m using my Steemit experience as an extra source of income. I have purchased only a few Steem tokens on the markets — about $10 worth. The rest of my funds have come from posts and curation rewards.

The platform shows great promise, and as I’ve mentioned before, the community is supportive and friendly. If you’re a writer, photographer, artist, or vlogger, Steemit is worth a try. There’s no need to give up your existing platform. Many Steemians repost content they’ve already published elsewhere.

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